Mom Asks For Help Finding Her 3-Year-Old's Lost 'Daddy Doll'

If there's one universal rule that all parents should follow, it's this: if your child has a lovey, YOU NEED SEVERAL BACKUPS. This goes for all types of loveys - blankets, stuffies, dolls, even an old rag they formed a weird attachment to. Because when your child finds the thing, the ONE thing, that brings them joy and calms them down and helps them sleep, you can never, ever lose it. Ever. Goodness, losing a lovey is devastating! Loveys are always special to the little person who loves them. But sometimes, they hold even more special meaning. So when a child loses or misplaces their special lovey, parents will climb mountains to find it. That's exactly what one mom in Ohio is doing, with the help of social media. It has a lot of drawbacks, sure, but there's nothing that helps locate something lost like the vast internet!

My toddler lost her daddy doll on Friday. We were at Larosas, Dairy Queen on Columbus Ave. and also in the neighborhood...

Posted by Jessica Osborne on Monday, July 15, 2019

Jessica Osborne lives in Ohio with her children. Her husband is currently in Virginia, training with the Kentucky National Guard, and isn't expected home until August. When her dad is gone and she can't see or speak to him, Osborne's toddler keeps her Daddy Doll close. It's a military plush toy that has a picture of her dad's face on it, and for a little girl missing her daddy, it's the most important stuffie in the whole world. So when Osborne's daughter lost her Daddy Doll, she did the only thing she could think to do: she took to Facebook to try and locate the missing doll.

Osborne says that her daughter may have lost the doll somewhere at or around LaRosa's Pizzeria or a Dairy Queen on Lebanon, Ohio. The doll may also have been lost somewhere on Route 48 in the same town. The company who makes the dolls, Huggs to Go, has said that they plan on helping the family out with a new doll should the old one not be found.

To date, Osborne's post has gone viral, with 7,500 shares and over 600 comments. So far, it doesn't look like they've been able to find the doll. But with that many people looking, it's sure to turn up! This is definitely one of those times when we revel at the enormity of the internet, and take a moment to smile at the good of people. We hope your kiddo gets her Daddy Doll back, Jessica!

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