Jessica Alba's New TV Show Has A 'Family-Friendly' Set

Being a working mom is pretty much universally hard. Sure, if you have the means, it can be a bit easier. You can hire a private nanny or afford the kind of platinum-level daycare that doesn't care if you're 30 minutes late for pick-up and stays open on school holidays. But it's still a struggle! It's hard not to look at families of means and not be jealous of the options they have. Take famous actresses, for example. Are they moms? Yes. Are they working? Yes! But do they have to choose between taking a sick day when their kids school is closed or paying double the day rate at the day care? Probably not. One thing we tend to overlook, though, is that there are lots and lots of people working on the same shows and movies, and they don't all make movie star money. The PAs and runners and gaffers and all the other support staff on a film or movie set are really just like you and I. They're working families, and they have the same struggles. So it's so refreshing to hear that at least some people in Hollywood get it, and are doing what they can to make life easier for working moms and dads on-set.

Jessica Alba was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently to talk about her new show, L.A.'s Finest, and she shared a bit about the family-friendly set she has the privilege of working on. Jessica is a mom to three, and her co-star Gabrielle Union has a daughter with husband Dwayne Wade. In addition to Jessica and Gabrielle, many of the cast and crew are also parents.

L.A.'s Finest has a completely family-friendly set, complete with trailers adapted for babies. During the teacher strike in LA a few months ago, some of the crew members were stuck when it came to childcare. So they were able to bring their kids to work with them! The executive producers of the show are women, and it sounds like they really went above and beyond to make sure the moms and dads working on the show are supported in every possible way. The kids even get involved, shouting "Action!" and "Cut!", and they get to hand on-set all day while their parents are working. That sounds like a dream, and we hope to see more studios and productions (not to mention regular companies like the ones we work for!) follow suit.

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