Mom Angry At Daycare For Feeding Her Preemie Son A Stranger's Breast Milk

Finding the right daycare provider for your baby is a daunting task. It's hard enough having to leave your child to return to work (which most of us have to do!), but on top of getting comfortable with that, you have to do so much research to find the best possible provider or facility. When you do find the one that feels like THE ONE, it can be such a weight off your shoulders.

However, we've all read enough stories about daycare centers dropping the ball in some pretty major ways to know that no amount of research will tell you everything you need to know about a place and the people who work there. There are so many families out there who found out the hard way that you can never be too careful or too sure that the people charged with watching your precious babies are doing a good job.

A mom in Missouri was shocked to learn that the daycare facility where her preemie son was being cared for during the day was completely careless, and downright negligent, with her son's feeding routine. This story ended well, all things considered, but it could have been much, much worse.

Image: WNEP News

Jessi Werkmeister of Fenton, Missouri trusted the staff at WeeCare Childcare to look after her baby's needs. Her son was born four weeks premature, and requires a special formula. Werkmeister sent the baby's formula in specially marked bottles each day, and the staff was to use those to feed the baby boy.

She recently went to pick up her son, and noticed that an employee was feeding her son out of a bottle she didn't recognize. She soon learned that her son was being fed breast milk from a different mother, and not the special formula he required. Werkmeister was able to locate the mother whose breast milk it was on Facebook, and confirmed that hers. The other mother couldn't help but wonder what her son was being fed, if Werkmeister's son was given her breast milk.

There's nothing wrong with breast milk, obviously. But it is possible to transmit diseases through breast milk, and without knowing whose it was, you wouldn't know if that mother drank or smoked or used drugs. Not to mention, Werkmeister's son requires a specific formula as a preemie. The daycare center apologized for the mix-up, but according to Werkmeister, did not follow up with her directly after the incident. You have to wonder - if the employees are so careless about how they feed the babies, what else are they not paying attention to?

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