Jerry O’Connell Singing Prince’s “When Doves Cry” Is Every Dad

Jerry O'Connell and daughters

Sometimes the best part of being a parent is embarrassing your kids. Whether it's yelling a particularly loud "I love you!" at the school drop-off line just as your child is exiting the vehicle or eagerly running up to them just to say "hi" when you spot them out with their friends, embarrassing your kids is almost a rite of passage for a parent. Actor and host Jerry O'Connell recently tried to give his children a musical education on the genius that is Prince's "When Doves Cry" but his daughters were definitely not impressed.

O'Connell, who shares 10-year-old twins Dolly and Charlie with wife Rebecca Romijn recently posted a video of himself trying to introduce his daughters to the classic Prince song while in the car. Unfortunately, the twins want nothing to do with their father's singing, no matter how hard he tries to make them appreciate the song. As he sings the lyrics one of his daughters yells to “Turn it down!” while Jerry replies, “This is real music — listen!” As his daughters continue to protest, ducking their heads in embarrassment, O"Connell tells them “Guys, stop it!” while continuing to tell that it's "real music." At one point his daughter in the front seat pleads with her father to stop singing because "Dadddd we’re next to the high school!"

Captioning the clip, "teach your children" O'Connell posted the hilarious video to Twitter, much to the delight of his followers who have retweeted it more than thirty thousand times. O'Connell even makes the clip more 'dad-joke' cringe-y by singing “Maybe I’m just like my father, too bald,” instead of “Maybe I’m just like my father, too bold.” Classic dad-joke. Fans have been commenting on how they love to do the same to their children and even leaving song suggestions for his next car karaoke segment.

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Embarrassing your children by serenading them in the car to a classic Prince jam is everything that is amazing about parenthood, and we love that Jerry is enjoying this so much. Maybe Charlie and Dolly will learn to appreciate his singing voice and love of classic hits when they're not too close to the high school.

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