Fed Up 9-Year-Old Scolds Forgetful Tooth Fairy In Viral Letter

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Becoming a parent means (among so many other things), that our daily lists of things to remember to do pretty much quadruples. There's just so much to remember. And sometimes, we forget and let down the tiny little human beings that we are working so hard to raise. It happens to the best of us. One of those things is playing the role of the beloved tooth fairy, and whenever she forgets to show up...well...things can get messy. When this dad forgot to show up as the tooth fairy, not just once, but twice, his daughter wrote a letter that the world will never forget.

A little girl named Jennifer realized that the tooth fair only had one job to do and that she messed up. Big time. And Jennifer had something to say to her about it. The extremely passive aggressive note that she wrote the tooth fairy went completely viral on reddit and has all parents getting a good chuckle today.

Apparently, Yahoo Parenting reported that the letter was actually written back in 1991, but it's author just posted it recently and people are losing all respect for the tooth fairy.

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Nine-year-old Jennifer got fed up when the tooth fair let her down two times in a row, so she drafted an epic letter to put her in her place. She started out by addressing her as the (not so) dear tooth fairy and things escalated pretty quickly from there.

This is the second time you’ve done this. You forgot me. So if you’re not going to come, then I’m going to keep my own teeth. You are through collecting teeth. From Jennifer. From now on I’m keeping my own teeth.

Unsincerely, Jennifer E.

P.S. Keep collecting from Mike, though. Obviously you like him better.

P.P.S. Don’t bother to write back.

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Talk about hilarious.

Today, Jennifer is a mom of two who lives in Vermont, said she has always recalled thinking something was suspicious about the Tooth Fairy’s true identity. Revealing what really happened, she shared that she decided not to tell anyone about her lost tooth for two days. When the tooth was still was still where she left it after those days had gone by, she knew that the Tooth Fairy needed to be put in her place.

There is one part about the letter that she wrote that was left out - the response that she actually did get back from the Tooth Fairy herself. She recalled the letter saying, “I couldn’t get to your pillow the night before last because I got stuck in all the mess. Maybe if you clean your room, I could get to you in a timely manner.”

Perhaps all parents just learned a little trick today.

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