Jennifer Garner's School Bus Drop-Off Attire Is A Big Hit With Fellow Moms

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Scrolling through the social media feeds of fabulous celebrities is a guilty pleasure shared by many. For moms, its especially fun or torturous, depending on your personality to scroll through the feeds of celebrity moms. While we sit in our yoga pants (that we're probably wearing for the 2nd day in a row), with an unflattering T-shirt (no doubt stained) and drink coffee (probably cold), we love to look at their perfect pictures while muttering under our breath how staged and fake it all is. That's why people like Jennifer Garner give moms life!

Garner is a mom of three kids, Violet is 13, Seraphina is 10, and Samuel is 7, and she's known for keeping it real with fans about what motherhood really looks like. In her most recent Instagram post, Garner showed us again just why moms find her so relatable. The picture showcases Garner, just after dropping her daughter off at the bus stop, wearing a bathrobe and slippers, hair wet and unstyled, and holding a coffee cup with a caption that read "She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy."

Since Garner posted this honest moment on Wednesday, its gotten almost 500,000 likes from moms who can totally relate to this type of moment when you're running late and have to get out of the door no matter what you look like or who sees you.

Garner has a history of connecting with real moms who admire her candid display of motherhood and in a previous interview that Garner did with POPSUGAR, Garner is quoted as saying “While I find it very kind, and I love that women who have kids relate to me, I find that I am by far the messiest, sloppiest, craziest."

While Garner may not fully understand why the every day mom relates to her, her words do all of the explaining. Motherhood is sloppy, messy and crazy and while we may secretly love looking at the pictures of the moms that have it all put together, the ones that look like they took a ride on the hot mess express are the ones that we love the most because they remind us that we're not the only ones that struggle in our roles as mothers.

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