Mom Caught Driving With Two Young Girls In A Pool On Her Car Roof

The laws around car seats for kids have never been stricter - and honestly, we're grateful. Anything that can keep our children safe is okay by us...but one parent didn't quite get the memo. Jennifer A. Janus Yeager was pulled over on Tuesday after her neighbors spotted something bizarre. The 49-year-old allowed her two daughters to sit in an inflatable pool on the roof of the car as she drove home.

When the police caught up with the vehicle on Ill. 2, Yeager explained that she made the terrible decision as she didn't want the pool to blow away. The family had ventured to a friend's house to blow up the inflatable but didn't factor in how they would get it home.  Presumably, they couldn't have borrowed an electric pump and brought it back later. It didn't take long for the unusual sight to attract the concern of nearby residents, who wasted no time calling the authorities.

It's not clear why Yeager thought this was a good idea, or why her daughters agreed to sit on top of a moving car. The mom was arrested on two counts of endangering health or life of a child and two counts of reckless conduct, as well as failure to secure a passenger of 8 under the age of 16. She was taken to the Dixon Police Department, but posted bond and went home the same day. It's not currently known if Yeager has been charged with these crimes, but given the evidence, it seems likely.

US law states that kids up to the age of 4 must be in a forward-facing car seat. Kids are then required to sit in a booster seat until they turn 8 years old, weigh more than 80 Ibs, or are taller than 4 feet 9 inches. Nowhere does it state that placing your kids in an inflatable pool on the roof of your car is a safe mode of transport - but for most of us, that goes without saying.

Thankfully the girls weren't harmed during their strange ride home, but it could've been an entirely different story if police hadn't intervened when they did.

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