Jenelle Evans Was Asked If She Plans To Have More Kids After Temporarily Losing Custody

Former MTV star Jenelle Evans has found herself in the news a lot over the last few months. It was back in May that Evans' husband, David Eason, admitted to shooting the family's French Bulldog Nugget after he allegedly nipped at the couple's two-year-old daughter Ensley. As a result, the couple lost custody of their children as authorities investigated. They have since regained custody of all their children and now Evans is once again in the spotlight as she talks about whether she and Eason are looking to expand their brood or not.

In an "ask me anything" style q&a on her Instagram stories, the mother of three, who was fired by MTV after the shooting scandal, was asked by a follower if she and David were planning on having any more children. “Nope, we are good with what we have. Lol,” the former reality star wrote. In fact, back in April Evans had surgery to remove her left ovary and had her right tube tied not only for birth control but because of underlying health issues as well.

Credit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

Even though she has repeatedly told her fans and followers that she is done having children, people still speculate she's pregnant every time she posts a picture on Instagram. After posting a recent picture of herself with son Jace and daughter Ensley at Jace's birthday party, people were commenting that Evans looked pregnant again. "Please tell me she isn’t pregnant!!!!" wrote one commenter while another wrote, "congrats on your pregnancy."

While Evans isn't planning on adding any more children to her family, she and Eason are busy adding fur babies despite outrage from the public after what happened with Nugget. The couple adopted two Anatolian Shepherds named Buddy and Junior and have posted pictures of their children holding the family chickens, prompting comments of outrage from her followers. Evans recently posted a picture of Jace, Ensley and her son Kaiser each holding chickens in their back yard, and people were not having it!

"Poor animals, and kids too. You’re an unfit pet owner and mother."

"If the chicken pecks Ensley is Sasquatch gonna shot it? You’re ridiculous"

"Hope the kids dont get bit , those animals will never be seen again"

The hashtag #JusticeForNugget also seems to be trending on most of Evans's posts. Despite the barrage of negative comments online and concern from both family and friends that Evans's relationship with Eason is abusive, she has stated that their relationship is "stronger than ever" after the incident with Nugget and the ensuing custody battle.

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