Jenelle Evans Facing New Trouble After Report She Never Registered Her Cosmetics Company

Jenelle Evans is not having a good year. Her life has been plagued by scandal, including being fired from Teen Mom. And it seems her problems are only growing. After being dropped by the manufacturer of her cosmetics line, it's now being reported that she never even registered the company. If the company isn't registered, there could be legal issues to deal with as well. The hits just keep coming apparently.

Radar Online is reporting that there is no record of Evans having filed the completed paperwork to register the company. A spokesperson for the North Carolina Secretary of State's Office informed them that JE Cosmetics “is not registered with the state of North Carolina.” But they also mention that she just never followed up.

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“There was an attempt to register the company as an LLC in November 2017, but the registration was never completed,” the spokesperson explained to Radar Online. "A letter was sent, but there was no response since then.” Additionally, they checked California, New York, and Delaware records to see if Evans potentially registered her business in one of those states. There was no record of a business entity registered in any of those states either.

Around the same time, Evans also filed the paperwork to trademark "JE Cosmetics." While she abandoned the trademark in October 2018, she did file a Notice to Revive application for the trademark in April of this year. Currently the status of the trademark is "live," according to Radar Online. It's worth noting that the application to revive the trademark happened only weeks before her husband David Eason shot the family dog.

Jenelle Evans' road to becoming a makeup maven hasn't been going well at all. As noted above, XJ Beauty, the makeup company Evans was working with sent her a termination letter. Her JE Cosmetics brow kit was nowhere near as successful as she anticipated it being. The $40 kit was plagued with bad reviews and allegedly only sold 150 units. According to Radar Online, there were 3,000 kits made. XJ Beauty has told Evans they will be sending her the unsold stock by the end of the month.

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The Inquisitr is reporting that Evans shared a screenshot of the company's website recently on her Instagram Stories. In the story, Evans implored fans to check the website again. Suddenly the website was full of positive reviews. She also refuted claims that she was dropped. “Due to the issues with the other company we were working with, we have decided to cut ties,” she said in another Instagram Story. "We will be doing meet and greet/giveaways for the kits while coming up with new products.”

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