Jenelle Evans' Ex-Fiance Nathan Griffith Arrested For DUI

Nathan Griffith, former fiancé of ex-Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been arrested. Griffith is the father of Evans' five-year-old son Kaiser. He was arrested for DUI in North Carolina on Thursday, October 17th.

As Radar Online reports, Griffith was “driving while impaired” in front of a grocery store in Cary, North Carolina. The Cary police immediately cuffed Griffith, bringing him into police custody. By time as Radar gathered the information, he had already been released on bond. According to the site, he has a court date set for November 1st. It is still unclear why Griffith, who is a resident of South Carolina was even in North Carolina.

This certainly isn't the first time Griffith has been arrested either. Us Weekly has outlined his previous arrests since his relationship with Evans. Back in 2013, he was handcuffed for DUI while with Evans for driving recklessly. According to Jenelle, she and Nathan were “trying to have sex," which is what she told police.

And then in  April 2014, Griffith was busted by police for driving without a license, resisting arrest, giving a false name and driving on the wrong side of the street. As a result, he received a 47-day stint in prison. He was then arrested for domestic violence in South Carolina back in March 2015, but the charges were later dropped.

Most recently, Griffith was “issued a ticket, arrested and charged with striking fixtures while driving on a highway and a failure to report these collisions,” again in South Carolina back in 2018.

After having Kaiser, Griffith and Evans split up in 2015. This year, Griffin began the process of trying to gain full time custody of Kaiser. After the incident in which Jenelle's husband, Davis Eason allegedly shot the family dog Nugget, she lost custody of her kids, including Kaiser.

“Before CPS got involved, I [had] already started a custody battle with her to get primary custody over Kaiser,” Griffin told TMZ Live as the time. “I think — just with her situation — I would just be more fit as a parent raising Kaiser. I can give him that one-on-one, I can give him that love and affection that only a boy and a father can share," he added.

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