Jenelle Evans Dropped By Cosmetics Manufacturer Only Weeks After Launch

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans got dropped again, this time by the cosmetic company she partnered with to launch her new eyebrow kit. Back in May, MTV fired Evans following a scandal where her husband shot and killed the family dog.

Jenelle Evans walked into the world of fame when she starred on MTV's show, Teen Mom 2. However, her career took a bad turn after a story came out about her husband shooting the family's dog. Jenelle could not quite keep her story straight, and it later came out that it might have been a publicity stunt.

After the dog story surfaced, Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, lost custody of their children temporarily. MTV fired her too. Recently, Jenelle launched a new eyebrow kit to get herself back out there as a positive influencer. Unfortunately, this seems to have failed as well.

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XJ Beauty, the cosmetics company that partnered with Jenelle on her makeup launch, reportedly sent her a termination letter on September 19. XJ Beauty claimed that sales were not as high as expected and announced that they would no longer produce her kits or work with her going forward.

The source says that only 150 of the $40 kits sold following its launch and that they got overwhelmingly bad reviews. Some speculate that the bad reviews were faked. Many women, including fellow Teen Mom star, Ashley Jones, were disappointed that the kit only came in one shade.

Jenelle denies selling just 150 kits and is putting forward the idea that she was the one who ended the deal with XJ Beauty. In her Instagram stories, she implies that others' poor decisions led to the kits failing, not her persona.

Jenelle is planning giveaways with the kits that XJ Beauty will return to her, and says she will be working on coming out with new products. Of course, these new products will be in partnership with someone other than XJ Beauty.

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