Jenelle Evans And David Eason Spark Divorce Rumors After Petty Facebook Fight

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We've seen a lot of relationship fumbles throughout the history of the Teen Mom franchise but the latest divorce rumors are pretty darn scandalous. Viewers have watched the ups and downs in the lives of Jenelle Evans and David Eason, but their marriage may have just hit a rough patch from which they cannot rebound.

Radar Online reports a fairly juvenile-sounding spat between the husband and wife over social media, an argument that went so far it led to Jenelle hiding her relationship status on Facebook. On that platform, it's essentially as audacious as changing your status to single. Followers were quick to take note of the bold move.

Jenelle also changed her cover photo to a snap that includes herself, son Kaiser, and daughter Ensley (with whom she shares with David). He quickly fired back with a comment, "Nice! Make sure I'm not in the picture...that will make him mad." While David did delete the comment soon after, it remained on her Facebook page long enough to attract attention.

But Jenelle didn't stop with the cover photo change. She also posted a meme alluding to the idea that men who treat their partners kindly have a better chance of keeping them around. David was quick to respond to that as well with a retort, "Awwww too bad you're not sweet to me." That comment also vanished in a flash.

Jenelle and David's relationship has always been controversial. The reality star's mother, Barbara Evans, has famously opposed their union from day one. In fact, she wasn't invited to their September 2017 nuptials because of her feud with the couple. Additionally, Kaiser's father Nathan Griffith has long accused David of wrongdoing and has expressed concern over the amount of time his son spends with the controversial guy.

On top of all of that, MTV cut ties with David after he posted some hateful remarks on social media.

“You know how I like it when you lovin’ on me.” 😍 #Hubby #Forever

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Despite all of this, Jenelle has largely stood by her man.

Last December David changed his relationship status to "It's complicated." An early clue that all isn't well in the Eason-Evans household.

On recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle staunchly defends David, becoming angry at gossip reports that he is abusive towards her children. Consistently she expressed that they are doing fine, it's the rumors and "fake news" about their relationship that causes friction in their home.

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