Jenelle Evans & David Eason Hint At A Possible Career Move

Jenelle Evans and David Eason may have been let go from Teen Mom 2, but the duo has no plans of leaving the spotlight anytime soon. Despite all of the negative (to put it lightly) press surrounding the couple, their controversial beliefs, and their children's wellbeing, Jenelle and David have continued to work hard to provide for their family, and stay famous.

Jenelle already has a cosmetics line (that is rumored to be struggling, though she denies the business is in trouble), and now it seems she and her hubby may be considering a career shift into music. Who knew they had so much talent?!

Recently, the couple took their kids on a family vacation to Nashville, TN, during the kids' fall break. Jenelle kept the updates coming throughout their trip by posting photos on social media at various stops on their trip like the Musician's Hall of Fame.

Both Jenelle and David shared photos of them at a music studio visiting with their producer friend, Mike. However, their posts were significantly different. Jenelle praised and thanked their friend for allowing them to take a tour and letting the kids run amuck, while David eluded to possibly recording a song in the future.

The former MTV-dad captioned the photos with, "Chillin with my man @lattanzi_lattitude_studio. We had a blast and Mike was very nice to let the kids play all they wanted! Cant wait to go back and lay a track with Maestro Mike!"

If David is a talented musician, it's news to just about everyone. Jenelle also posted photos from the visit to the music studio, but didn't seem to drop any teasers. One caption she wrote simply said, "To wrap up our trip in Nashville we stopped by @lattanzi_lattitude_studio to say hello. The kids loved the experience and now they all want to play instruments. 💓🎸🎶 Thanks so much for having us and your place is super gorgeous!"

Perhaps David is just trying to stir up (even more) drama and keep himself and his family in the spotlight for as long as he possibly can. The two won't be returning to Teen Mom 2 for any future seasons, so unless they come up with a legitimate way to maintain their status, teasers and drama is certainly a way to keep people talking!

No matter what the pair end up doing to make a living and support their family, let's all hope it is low-key and doesn't cause any more emotional harm to their kiddos.

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