Mom-Shamers Come At Jenelle Evans For Letting Her Daughter Play With A Water Hose

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If you're a fan of MTV's hit franchise show Teen Mom 2 you no doubt know that star Jenelle Evans often finds herself at the center of controversy. Whether it's battling her mother for custody of her son Jace or dealing with her husband David Eason's homophobic comments on social media, the mom of three has certainly dealt with her fair share of drama.

Even when Jenelle is trying to post something innocent like a sweet picture of her daughter Ensley, Jenelle's fans and followers come for her. Recently Evans posted a series of pictures of her 1-and-a-half year old daughter Ensley playing outside with a sprinkler.

The toddler looked super cute and like she was having the time of her life, but it was Evans's caption that had people shaking their head at the reality star.

She sure is having a lot of fun. ☀️💦 #LittlePrincess #WaterBaby #Adorable

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"For being a sick baby, she sure is having a lot of fun.#LittlePrincess #WaterBaby#Adorable," Evans captioned the pictures showing a soaking wet Ensley holding on to the sprinkler.

She has since edited the caption to remove "For being a sick baby."

While many fans couldn't help but point out how adorable Ensley was and asked where Evans got her child friendly sprinkler, many others couldn't help but point fingers at the reality star and accuse her of being a bad parent and allowing her sick child to play in a sprinkler.

InTouch managed to capture some of the nastier comments her fans and followers left after she posted the pictures of Ensley.

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"Why is the sick baby in the water?" one person who couldn't help but call out the reality star asked. Another added, "A bath is warm water, not freezing cold hose water outside."

Another commenter came after all those who were defending the reality star. "Let me break it down for the idiots... pool/hose water is cold... therefore your body overworks to keep itself warm... the last thing you want your body to do (while sick especially) is overwork. Hence why the show is called Teen Mom. #whatNOTtodo."

To be fair, Evans is a long way from being a teenage mom. The 26 year old is now the mother of three children

Clearly the hate got to the reality star, as she changed the caption on the pictures, removing any comments of Ensley being sick. She also deleted many of the nasty comments criticizing her parenting.

It's hard being a parent but it must be even harder being in the public eye and having your every move scrutinized as well. Perhaps Evans should think more about what she posts before she posts it.

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