Jenelle Evans Attacks MTV For Firing Her While Standing By Amber Portwood

As always, there's new drama in Teen Mom world. Jenelle Evans, who was recently fired by MTV is angry that they haven't done the same to Amber Portwood. Both women have found themselves embroiled in some serious drama since spring. But while the network chose to fire Evans, they've allegedly decided to keep Portwood. And everything happening to her is currently being filmed.

In a now deleted tweet shared by Radar Online, Evans was obviously angry that she was fired while Portwood is being filmed.

“Wow, could of filmed at my court case that was completely dismissed… but no instead go film the drama of a person that attacks others with weapons. Don’t film the positive tho,” the tweet said.

Jenelle Evans was fired from Teen Mom 2 after her latest bout of drama with husband David Eason. Back in April, Evans called the police, telling them Eason had taken her dog Nugget outside and shot him. The claim was that the dog bit their young daughter in the face and Eason was angered. But then she added that she was in the house with the children.

Police and animal control got involved, investigating the claims. During the investigation, the couple's four children, including their children from previous relationships were taken away. They were able to regain custody, but the process was allegedly anything but smooth. According to a report by Hollywood Life, the couple had to attend anger management classes as apart of the process. On top of that, the investigation was closed because of lack of evidence. North Carolina cops are claiming Evans made the whole story up for publicity.

Right after Evans's drama, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood had some drama of her own. After having an argument with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, she attacked him with a machete. Glennon was behind a closed door holding the couple's 14-month-old son when Portwood struck the door with the machete. Portwood has a known history of mental health issues.

In the meantime, Portwood and Glennon have been ordered to have no contact. She is currently facing felony assault charges because of the altercation. As she deals with her arrest and the ramifications, Glennon is fighting for primary custody of their child. Glennon is willing to allow Portwood supervised visitation with their son, but he will not allow her to be alone with him.

During this, MTV has made no final decisions about firing Portwood from the show. But now with reports of her filming all the drama it is clear that they believe this is better television than Evans's and Eason's drama.

There's no official word on when the episode(s) featuring Portwood's current situation will air.

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