This Girl Wrote The Most Savage Note Home To Her Parents From Camp

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Summertime is here, and that means that kids all over the country are heading off to summer camp! For a lot of families, it's a way to manage their childcare when school is out but parents still have to work. But plenty of kids head to camp because it's just a lot of fun! You might have memories of your own summers spent at sleep-away camp; the adventures, the bunks, the lasting friendships you probably made.

But some kids are ... different. While their friends are writing letters home to mom and dad, some kids might take the opportunity to stick it the man! The man being mom and dad and their camp counselors, ha! Jeffrey Lazarus' daughter is off at camp, and he shared a hilarious letter he got from her. It's not your usual gushy note.

We're sure this little resister's camp counselors gave her some pointers on what to include in her letter. But she was having none of that! Rather than wax poetic about nature, all the fun she's having, and how much she misses everyone, Jeffrey's daughter chose to use the letter to prove once and for all that no one is the boss of HER!

In the replies to his tweet, Jeffrey says his daughter is 14, and says that he is regularly the object of her resistance. We hear that, Jeffrey! Smart, strong teen girls are a force to be reckoned with!

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The replies to his tweet are just as funny as his daughter's letter, too.

Thanks for the update, son! Kids are so funny, especially when we least expect it.

Listen, we get that she probably missed her family, but good food and horses! Is there anything better than good food and horses?! We're sure Becky ended up being a great friend, and they enjoyed many a camp meal talking about said horses.

There's probably a great explanation for the duct tape, but that would be a ... concerning letter to get in the mail, LOL.

Summer camp is a great experience for kids, and as we can see from these letters, it can be a hilarious endeavor for parents, too. Keep on resisting, sister! Don't let the camp man keep you down!

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