Jeff Goldblum Explains Why His Toddler Is Allowed To Swear At Home

jeff goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is always finding new ways to steal our hearts. The actor, who became a dad later in life,was clearly made for fatherhood. He has repeatedly said that he is glad he became a dad later in life (his oldest son, Charlie Ocean, was born when Goldblum was 63.) It is obviously working well for him and his family, because he is one of the cutest celebrity dads. This story about Charlie, who is two-and-a-half, only makes it more evident that Jeff Goldblum is totally killing it at this whole dad thing.

jeff goldblum
Credit: YouTube / The Graham Norton Show

While he was promoting Jurassic Park with his co-stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum shared stories about Charlie. Based on these stories, Charlie obviously loves his dad, and wants to be just like him. And Goldblum is learning that kids are always listening. Goldblum explains to TV host Graham Norton that he supervises Charlie while he brushes his teeth, presumably because mom is with their other son, River, who is one.

First, Goldblum explains that when he was a boy, his dad had a phrase he liked to use, "assess and elbows." Basically, it means to put a little effort into whatever chore you may be doing. Goldblum tells a story about not washing dishes with enough effort (complete with acting out washing the dishes) and his dad telling him enthusiastically, "asses and elbows!"

Bringing it back to Charlie, Jeff Goldblum explains that Charlie, like most kids his age, doesn't really brush his teeth with much gusto. Much like his father before him, Goldblum tells his young son, "asses and elbows!" to get him to put more effort into brushing his teeth. And since Charlie wants to do everything his daddy does, he repeats the phrase.

"It's fun to hear him say 'asses and elbows'" Goldblum says with a smile. The idea of a two year old saying something like that is actually pretty adorable to us to Jeff.

But Goldblum told another little story about Charlie that cements the idea that he's clearly his dad's biggest fan. After explaining that he had made Charlie pancakes for breakfast, when Goldblum asked the little boy how they were he said, "Never in my life have I had pancakes this good." Goldblum assumes that the boy heard the phrase from him, but seriously, how cute is that? Never in his two and a half years has he ever had such good pancakes.

Either Goldblum needs to step up his pancake game, or Charlie needs to get out more. Either way, it is so precious.

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