Man Allegedly Killed Wife Who'd Recently Given Birth To Their Second Child

When Christina Ann-Thompson Harris died on September 29, 2014, at the age of 36 and just weeks after giving birth to her and husband Jason Harris's second child, her death was ruled an accidental heroin overdose. Now, almost five years after her death, her husband has been charged with her murder.

Christina wasn't known by her friends or family to use heroin, so when it was reported that she died, just four months after her second child was born, of a heroin overdose, people were suspicious. Because of this suspicion, her case was kept open, and recently Genesee Co Prosecutor David Leyton announced in a press conference that her husband, Jason Harris was arrested and charged with first-degree premeditated murder, solicitation of murder and delivery of a controlled substance causing death.

Leyton announced in the press conference that Christina's friends and family were shocked to learn that she had died of a heroin overdose. Not only was she under the current care of a primary care physician and an OBGYN, but she was still breastfeeding her four-month-old child. Investigators believe that Jason Harris spiked a bowl of cereal that he had made for her the night before her death, ABC 12 reports, with enough heroin to kill her.

WATCH LIVE — Genesee Co Prosecutor David Leyton details the cold case arrest of Jason Harris https://www.abc12.com/content/news/Husband-charged-with-murder-nearly-5-years-after-wifes-death-558440531.html

Posted by ABC12: Your Trusted Source! WJRT-TV on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Jason Harris contacted a neighbor the morning of his wife's death asking them to check on Christina. He said his wife has slept poorly and was coughing a lot, however, her mother disputed that fact stating that she had spent much of that evening with her daughter and that she seemed fine. When the neighbor checked on Christina they found her to be unresponsive. She was later determined to be dead.

Leyton revealed that Jason's brother and sister went to the police shortly after Christina's death stating that Jason had made comments about "getting rid of Christina." The brother and sister also believe that Jason was having extra-marital affairs. He also stated that many of Jason's co-workers reported hearing him make troubling statements about his wife. The co-workers allege that Jason didn't want to concern himself with getting a divorce and dealing with alimony, custody or child support payments.

One co-worker told police that Jason spoke about hiring someone to kill his wife, but that person was arrested before the murder could be committed. The co-worker then alleged that Jason offered to pay that co-worker $5000 to murder his wife. He also reportedly asked co-workers about drugs that were colorless and odorless.

Not only did Christina not have a history of substance abuse, but none of her tests that were conducted during or after her pregnancy had shown any trace of an illegal substance. Leyton even stated that three packages of Christina's breast milk that had been frozen was tested by a Michigan State Police crime lab. None of them showed traces of heroin either.

"We believe Jason Harris murdered his wife," Leyton said as he spoke to reporters. "We believe he put heroin into her cereal and milk the night that she died after getting it from someone, thinking it would be tasteless and odorless much like he had asked his coworkers multiple times."

Jason Harris will face life in prison without parole if he's found guilty.

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