Airline's New Seat Map Helps Passengers Avoid Fussy Babies When Selecting Their Seat

A company has introduced a new booking tool that will let you see if there's a child seated near you when you are selecting your seats. Airline travel isn't always the most pleasant experience. Seats and legroom seem to be getting smaller making the time spent in the air not so comfortable, and it can often be made worse if there's a crying baby near you for the entire flight. It can be even more frustrating if it's your baby crying and you're receiving death glares from those sitting beside, in front or behind you. To help alleviate the issue of being seated near a baby that may or may not scream the entire duration of your flight, Japan Airlines may have a solution.

"Passengers traveling with children between 8 days and 2 years old who select their seats on the JAL website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen," the airline's website states. "This lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there."

The move has already received positive reactions from passengers. Rahat Ahmed recently tweeted about his own experience with Japan Airlines tweeting, "Thank you, @JAL_Official_jp  for warnings me about where babies plan to scream and yell during a 13-hour trip. This really ought to be mandatory across the board. Please take note, @qatarairways: I had 3 screaming babies next to me on my JFK-DOH flight two weeks ago."

He then posted a picture of his seat booking options showing the child icon where children were seated. 

Ahmed, who told USA Today that he often flies for work and attempts to sleep on overnight flights, said that the seating map was helpful. "I have no issues with babies, but if I can avoid the risk of a parent who lets their child run amuck, I’m happy to take advantage," he said. "And when you have transoceanic flights, you want greater certainty," he added.

The airline does note that there are instances where a child's seat may not be noted, such as if tickets are booked through a tour or through other means than the JAL website.

While many commented on Ahmed's tweet, stating that we all need to be a bit more understanding of children and accepting, others couldn't help but agree that being able to select your seats knowing where children have been seated is definitely a bonus.

This seems like it wouldn't only be beneficial to those who don't want to sit near children, but also to parents who don't want to deal with impatient and rude passengers complaining about their children the entire flight. What do you think?

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