January Babies Are More Likely To Become Rich And Famous

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If you are hoping for a child that will one day make speeches from the podium at the Academy Awards, there is only one thing you need to do, and that’s make sure that your star in the making is born in the month of January. That’s right: there’s a new report that suggests babies who are born during the first month of the year are most likely to become rich and famous later on in life.

A study published in the Journal of Social Sciences found January (and February) babies – or those born under the sign of Aquarius – have a higher chance of becoming a celebrity than any other zodiac sign.

If that weren’t enough, January babies can consider themselves lucky ones. That’s because their garnet gemstones are associated with peace, prosperity and good health. According to the believers out there, it even has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness, health and wealth! So in other words, January babies really do have it made.

Oh, but that’s not all. January babies are also more likely to become doctors, become the CEO of their own company and yes, have an edge in hockey. As a matter of fact, author Malcolm Gladwell says in his book "Outliers" says that children born in January, February and March have an advantage because of Canada's junior hockey structure. The cut off date for players is in January. That means kids born in January could have a 10- or 11-month head start on growth and playtime over kids born in the latter months of the year.

In case you were wondering (and we know you are) some famous celebrities who were born during the month of January include Bradley Cooper, Eddie Redmayne, Rick Ross, Elijah Wood, Ariel Winter, Jackson Pollack, and so many more. The list truly does go on and on.

So what does that mean for you, parents? The answer is pretty easy. Set your clocks for April if you want to get busy and ahead of schedule! We have a feeling that maternity wards are going to be quite busy this time next year.

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