Janelle Evans Calls Police After Receiving White Powder In The Mail

If you though the drama of Teen Mom ended after the teens grew up, you couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that giving large amount of money and fame to young, struggling teenagers with very little support and guidance would be a recipe for disaster. While some of the stars from the show have gone on to live normal lives with their kids, others have continued to struggle with addiction, mental illness, and run-ins with the law. One of the most troubled teen moms is Jenelle Evans, who's been in and out of trouble since first appearing on the show back in 2009. Whenever her name comes up in the news or tabloids, it's rarely for something good. She recently lost custody of her kids, after her husband David Eason murdered the family dog. Now, Jenelle and David are in the news again, after someone sent a mysterious white powder to the couple in the mail.

Honestly, every update to their story is heartbreaking and disturbing.

It all started in early May. Jenelle's dog Nugget, a French bulldog, allegedly snapped at her daughter Ensley. So David's solution was to ... shoot the dog to death, in front of his family. This prompted Jenelle to call the police and flee the scene with Ensley. Initially, Jenelle said she was not returning to the house and felt unsafe around David, which is the logical reaction!

But it looks like the couple is back together, or at the very least, living together again. The dog murder incident resulted in the couple's daughter Ensley and David's daughter Maryssa being removed from their custody; Ensley and Jenelle's oldest son Jace are staying with her mother Barbara Evans, while her son Kaiser from a different relationship is staying with his dad. David's daughter is currently in the custody of her mother.

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On May 15, Jenelle and David called police to report that they received a package or letter in the mail that contained a suspicious white powder. The incident is still under investigation. On May 28, a judge ruled that the children would not be returned to Jenelle and David at this point in time. Clearly, the kids are better off where they are, and putting them back in a stressful and potentially dangerous situation is not in their best interests. We're thankful someone is looking out for the innocent kids in all of this, and we hope they are being shielded from all the drama. And we sincerely hope that Jenelle gets the help she so clearly and desperately needs.

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