Strollers Recalled Because Of Entrapment And Strangulation Hazard

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As parents we tend to agonize over every single purchase of baby gear, and with good reason. Not only do we want to make sure we're getting the most for our hard-earned dollars, we're desperate to keep our little ones as safe as possible. With that being said, whenever there is a recall on baby items, our stomachs do a nervous flip-flop.

The latest recall involves the Jané Muum stroller with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) citing it as being in violation of the federal stroller and carriage safety standard.

Jane Muum Stroller
Credit: CPSC

According to the recall, an infant can pass through the opening between the stroller armrest and the seat bottom and his/her head and neck can become entrapped by the armrest, posing entrapment and strangulation hazards. This is a pretty terrifying thought considering how much time small children can spend in a stroller, particularly as the weather warms and families are enjoying more time outdoors.

The recalls involves approximately 800 Jané Muum strollers in the United States. If you're concerned that the model of your stroller (or push chair as they like to say overseas) is in jeopardy, read the following details closely. According to the CPSC, the recalled strollers have a black frame, a reclining seat or hammock that is reversible and a hood. An insert is sold with the stroller for smaller babies. There is a basket for storage underneath the stroller seat.

The recalled strollers were sold in: dark gray and black (S85), light grey and black (S49), blue and black (S46) and green and black (S47). "Muum by Jané" is printed on the front bottom frame. "Muum" is printed on the side frame and on the handle. "Jané" and "Muum," "Jané USA LLC," "Muum US 5399US/S85" or "S47," "S49," "S46" are printed on a label on the leg of the stroller.

Jane Muum Stroller
Credit: CPSC

If your Jané stroller fits the bill, the CPSC recommends immediately ceasing use and contact Jané for a free repair. This will consist of a free replacement armrest. If you would like to continue using the recalled stroller, you may do so by removing the armrest and harnessing the child properly until you have received the replacement armrest.

Can't recall where you picked up your Muum stroller? The following stores sold the particular model in question: Albee Baby, Baby World, Kidsland, Toys R US, Dainty Baby, USA Baby stores and other stores nationwide and online at Amazon.com. They were sold between July 2016 through August 2017 for anywhere from $300 to $450.

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