Jamie Lynn Spears: 16 Things To Know About Her First Born (And 5 About Her Second)

When Jamie Lynn Spears first made headlines, it was as her older sister Britney’s “shadow.” But Jamie Lynn earned her fame through acting in the show Zoey 101 and appearing in the movie Crossroads, so when she graced the headlines again, it was of her own doing.

That, and she was pregnant at sixteen.

But unlike many celebrity teen moms, Jamie Lynn wasn’t one to seek out the spotlight. Instead, she became a recluse, raising her baby girl as far away from the paparazzi as she could and trying to make her relationship with her daughter’s father work. But two years in, she and now-ex Casey Aldridge called it quits, with Jamie Lynn moving to Nashville to pursue her own life and a refreshed career.

And although fans waited for nearly a decade to see what would become of Jamie Lynn and her little girl, they’re not disappointed with the outcome! After she and Casey split, Jamie Lynn met and later married her husband, Jamie Watson, and in early 2018, the pair welcomed their first child together. But as Jamie Lynn tells it, Maddie has been front and center throughout the couple’s entire relationship, leading us to believe that new baby Ivey will hold just as much importance in the family.

If you’re curious about the two girls who are at the center of Jamie Lynn and Jamie’s lives, here are sixteen facts about Maddie and five facts about her new baby sister, Ivey.

21 Maddie’s Arrival Surprised Fans

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When Jamie Lynn announced that she was pregnant, she had just wrapped up the Nickelodeon show Zoe 101 and was only sixteen.

Apparently, her real-life image was far from the wholesome one projected on the show, and many fans were disappointed that she became a teen mom.

But Jamie Lynn never backed down from her intention to raise her daughter, noting that she had made the choice and was sticking with it. Of course, Maddie’s dad, Casey Aldridge, was in the picture in the beginning, though he and Jamie Lynn later split following an engagement and even buying a house together.

20 Keeping Close To Her Famous Aunt

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Over the years, Maddie has been photographed plenty of times alongside her aunt, the famous Britney Spears. And while her mom is famous in her own right—for both music and acting—it seems like the paparazzi will always follow Auntie Brit more than Jamie Lynn. Of course, Maddie is already familiar with being in the spotlight, but she’s often photographed hanging out with Britney and her cousins, Jayden, and Sean Preston. In her earlier years, she also attended the Teen Choice Awards with her aunt and was even photographed in a “Baby One More Time” getup similar to what her aunt wore in the original music video.

19 A Rough And Tough Kid

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While her mom and aunt are known for being glamorous more than anything else (and Maddie often mimics them!) they were all born and raised in the south, so that means they’re both tough and fabulous. Jamie Lynn often shares photos of her girl driving a Polaris ATV and playing around outside.

Of course, Maddie’s “wild side” also involved a 2017 ATV accident, where the young girl accidentally drove her vehicle into a pond.

She remained trapped there for two minutes, Yahoo reported, until emergency personnel arrived. Jamie Lynn tried to pull her daughter from the pond, but she couldn’t free Maddie from the restraints. Fortunately, Maddie made a full recovery.

18 Church Is A Family Event

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Being raised in the south, it’s no surprise that Maddie’s family is big on churchgoing. Not only did Jamie Lynn post this snap of her, Maddie, and Maddie’s grandma Lynn with ash for Ash Wednesday, but the family has been photographed numerous times while attending church together. Of course, more paparazzi show up when Aunt Britney tags along, but it’s clear that the family takes their religious beliefs seriously. Hopefully, for Maddie, it’s a way to stay grounded despite the notoriety and fame throughout her whole family. But to that end, mom Jamie Lynn seems to be doing a great job of keeping things low-key for her girl, despite the media interest in their family.

17 Shying Away From Girly Pursuits

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More recently, Jamie Lynn caught heat for raising Maddie as a “redneck,” as some social media followers claim. This was in response to Maddie’s stepdad, Jamie, posting a photo of the ten-year-old holding a gun. The family was getting ready for dove season, according to Jamie’s caption, and Maddie looked fairly at ease cradling the gun, wearing shorts and a shirt and standing in what appears to be a grassy field. And while plenty of critics jumped on the post, so did many defenders of the Spears and extended family, noting that Jamie Lynn and Britney grew up in the south the same way—and it didn’t hold them back at all.

16 Mom Made Maddie A Priority

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Back in 2012, Jamie Lynn sat down with Glamour for an interview, ABC 7 reported.

She explained that although she regretted not getting on birth control back when she was 16, she was ready to be a mom by the time she made her pregnancy announcement.

About the criticism and negative tabloid coverage, Jamie Lynn told the magazine “I just wanted to get away from it as much as I could… to just go away and be a mom and figure out what I wanted… just raise my child.” And she did exactly that—aiming to become a good mother outside the spotlight and give her girl a normal life.

15 Maddie Had A Healthy Start


In that same interview with Glamour, Jamie Lynn explained that she was overprotective of little Maddie at first. In fact, she didn’t let anyone else watch her or even touch her. She said she couldn’t leave Maddie at all and even nursed her for “almost a year.”

But in contrast with so many celebrities who hire teams of nannies, Jamie Lynn did it all herself, or at least with the only help coming from family.

And at the same time, her sister Britney’s two boys were still young, so the children all got to grow up together. Jamie Lynn was quoted as saying that the kids were “very close” and were “like brothers and sister.”

14 Plenty Of Dads To Go Around

While Casey Aldridge has been a fixture in his daughter’s life since day one, we can assume that once Maddie’s parents split, she likely saw more of her mom’s side of the family. After all, Maddie was barely two when she and her mom moved out of the house the family shared—and Jamie Lynn told Glamour that following the split, Maddie only saw her dad one weekend per month at first. But a few years later, she gained another father figure in the form of Jamie Watson, her mom’s future husband. By the time the pair wed in 2014, Jamie had already been a great father figure to Maddie, Jamie Lynn has said in interviews.

13 Super Smart Student

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With a family full of powerful women, it’s not surprising that Maddie is apparently following in their footsteps. But no, I don’t mean singing like her mom or her aunt—rather, Maddie’s prowess appears to lie in sports and academics. Jamie Lynn frequently posts pics that brag about her girl’s achievements, and one such pic, included the above, shows Maddie receiving a school award. Of course, we know Jamie Lynn is a super-involved mom, even going to Maddie’s school to help hand out on Valentines and staying involved in what her girl is up to. And Maddie’s obviously putting in the work to succeed in school, too.

12 She’s A Big Sister To Two

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While the tabloids were at the ready to record the birth of Jamie Lynn’s second daughter in early 2018, Maddie was already a big sister well before that! In 2014, Maddie’s dad, Casey Aldridge, welcomed his second child, a daughter named Skylar.

Casey posted a photo of Maddie cradling her little sis and feeding her a bottle, captioning the Instagram shot with, “She’s gonna be the best big sis.”

Casey hasn’t posted much on his social media accounts over the years, but he does tend to brag about his two girls. Although the media claims Casey split from his wife, April Watson, the two appear amicable on Instagram at least, commenting on pics of the two girls together.

11  Making Wedding Waves

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When Jamie Lynn and Jamie Watson finally tied the knot in 2014, Maddie was a big part of the event. The pair married in New Orleans and Maddie was the flower girl, staying by her mom’s side throughout the ceremony.

Her cousins Sean and Jayden were ring bearers, and of course, Aunt Britney was on site for the occasion as well.

But it wasn’t surprising that Maddie was a big part of the day—she also starred in the couple’s pregnancy announcement photo shoot. She is the big sister, after all, and after welcoming her other little sis, she’s likely a pro!

10  Prim And Proper In Private School

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Jamie Lynn has shared plenty of photos of Maddie over the years, but she’s understandably secretive about where her daughter goes to school and where the family lives. What she doesn’t shy away from is showing how much her daughter has grown, posting snapshots of each of Maddie’s new school years, most of which include a school uniform. If we can judge by what Maddie’s wearing in the photos, she likely attends a private school, if not a religiously affiliated one, where uniforms are required. Of course, Jamie Lynn blurs out the school name when she shares pics, so we can only assume!

9 Double Dare Date With Mom

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You might think that between her revived career as a country music singer, her marriage to husband Jamie, and welcoming Ivey, her new baby daughter, Jamie Lynn might not have time for frivolous fun with her oldest daughter. But Jamie Lynn joined Maddie on the set of Double Dare, a show that the young mom says was iconic during her childhood. And of course, Jamie Lynn is no stranger to Nickelodeon after her run on Zoey 101. The invitation to be on the show came mere months after she gave birth to baby Ivey—but Jamie Lynn didn't hesitate, showing she knows how to make time for both of her girls.

8 Living A Normal Life

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Just like any kid, Maddie obviously doesn’t enjoy a picture-perfect life all the time. And while her ATV accident was a serious scare for the whole family, they usually live a relatively normal life. From playing sports to hanging out with friends and family, Maddie gets to do plenty of “normal” kid stuff despite her family’s notoriety. And while Jamie Lynn continued to pursue her country music career while raising her first daughter, it seems like Maddie wasn’t always super impressed by her mom’s fame. Need evidence? Check out this snapshot of Maddie waiting—apparently impatiently—while fans clamor for her mom’s autograph.

7 Maddie Inspires Her Mom

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If you had any doubts about how much Maddie changed her mama’s life, just know that Jamie Lynn wrote a song for Maddie and performed it at the Grand Ole Opry. However, the song isn’t exactly an upbeat jam for the mom and daughter duo to enjoy together. Instead, it’s an emotional reflection on the first night that Maddie was away from her mom. People explained, quoting a documentary where Jamie Lynn said of the song, “When the Lights Go Out”:

“She was with her dad for the first time, and I was by myself… the music moves me, of course, but it comes from moments like that.”

6 She’s A Softball Star

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It’s no secret that Maddie’s mom goes all-in for all her girls' interests—there are pics of the mom visiting her daughter at school for lunch, exploring Disneyland together, and even competing on Double Dare as a mom-daughter team. So it’s not surprising that the whole fam turned out to support Maddie’s softball team, the Louisiana Swarm.

Jamie Lynn captioned an Instagram video with praise for her daughter, whose team took second place in their competition.

And it wasn’t the first snap of Maddie’s softball career—Jamie Lynn also shared a pic of Maddie holding a section champ award for their state.

5  Nursing Is Normal For Baby

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When Jamie Lynn announced her second pregnancy, fans were thrilled! It had been ten years since Maddie arrived, and we all wondered whether she and husband Jamie Watson would be adding to their family. In April 2018, the pair (well, actually the trio including Maddie!) welcomed baby Ivey Joan, and Jamie Lynn told People that she was nursing the tot on demand. Of course, we knew she nursed Maddie for a year, so it’s not surprising that the young mom is willing to do what it takes to give her newest babe breastmilk—including nursing outside one of Maddie’s softball games.

4 Dad And Daughter Duo

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There’s no denying that Jamie Watson has played the part of a loving role-model and dad for Maddie.

Especially since she’s had somewhat limited contact with her father, Casey Aldridge, it’s great to know that Jamie is actively parenting Maddie alongside his wife.

But we also love the fact that Jamie has a biological daughter who also looks identical to him! While Maddie is practically Jamie Lynn’s mini-me, little Ivey looks just like her dad, in both her facial features and her dark hair. The sweet family is picture-perfect in plenty of ways, but the baby-parent matching is too cute.

3 She’s A Baseball Baby

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Since big sis Maddie is a softball superstar, it’s not surprising that little Ivey is already getting in on the action.

Jamie Lynn admitted that she nursed Ivey in the car outside one of Maddie’s games!

She was worried that one of Maddie’s friends would spot her and then her big girl would be embarrassed—but the whole family tags along when Maddie plays. That means little Ivey is getting out and about earlier than her big sis did as an infant—but this time around, it’s obvious Jamie Lynn didn’t have to hole up and hide out. That’s one perk of being a more mature second-time mom: there’s nothing sensational about a married mama of one having a second child!

2 Baby Number Two Gave Confidence

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While Jamie Lynn admits that her first pregnancy was full of chaos and criticism, given that she was seventeen when Maddie was born, this time around things were easier.

She told People that while becoming a mom for the second time was still amazing, it was a comparatively “really peaceful experience.”

She also acknowledged that this time, she had a solid support system in place when Ivey arrived, and that helped her feel like she was ready to begin her journey of being a mom of two. But Jamie was a natural dad already to Maddie, Jamie Lynn noted, so he wasn’t wary of baby number two.

1 Winning At Early Childhood

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As Jamie Lynn explained to People, she hopes that both her daughters enjoy the same experiences growing up that she did. Rather than live a life in the spotlight, she wants them to live somewhere they have roots, “appreciating where we’re from” and having a “familiar upbringing” that involves going to Grandma’s, attending the same school, and having a regular routine. With the birth of her second child, Jamie Lynn truly came full circle in life—she has her music career, a stable home and a loving husband, and everything she needs to give her girls an unremarkable—and therefore truly remarkable—childhood.

Sources: Yahoo, Instagram, ABC7, People

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