Parents Worried About Second Break In At Local Montessori School

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Break ins that happen in homes is one kind of worry, but repeated break ins happening in your child's school is a whole different kind of worry that can practically paralyze a parent. This is the kind of crippling worry that is washing over parents in a Ville Platte, Louisiana community over over break-ins on a school campus.

Euresha Thompson, a parent who sends her child to James Stephen Montessori School, where these reoccurring break ins are happening says, “I feel like prior to especially after last week’s break-in, we should have been told this happened, but we are working to secure campus. We are working to fix it so it doesn’t happen again." She shared with Klfy.com

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The parents have come together because they say that the school has been broken into two times just over the last week, however, they were not notified.

So then how did the parents find out? Thompson shared that she noticed a lot of police around the school whenever she dropped off her son in the morning, and whenever she asked, the police officer informer her that there had been a break in over the weekend (Sunday morning).

She further explained, "I drop him off every morning. when we got here, I noticed Ville Platte police department. I asked what was going on and they told me about a break in. You could see glass everywhere, you could see things all over campus and speaking with other parents we found out the school was broken into last week and we were not notified as parents.”

This is incredibly scaring and alarming that they head of the school had not shared this news with parents or a plan in order to keep their children safe and make sure that it doesn't happen again.

“I do trust this school, my son’s teacher, I do trust the principal. I have faith that they will keep our children safe just as parents we would like to know about things like this,” Thompson added.

Every parent involved deserves to have the utmost communication from the school on this and all issues moving forward. We can only imagine how scary this was for parents to drop their children off after hearing the news from a police office instead of a call from the school. We hope that they are able to put together a better system of communication to keep families informed and the children safe. 

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