Dad Faces Felony Charges For Slapping Stepdaughter's 12-Year-Old Alleged Bully

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A Texas dad is up on felony charges after assaulting his stepdaughter's 12-year-old tormentor across the face, according to USA Today. The man, identified as 37-year-old James Peace, took matters into his own hands after his daughter came home on Valentine's Day distraught. The boy, who couldn't be named due to his age, is thought to have picked on the youngster by calling her names.

Peace then marched out onto the street according to the police report, confronted the child who was walking with another friend and shouted at him before slapping him across the face. The boy was left shaken by the adult's threats that if he told, he would "beat them up too, even the police." The incident only came to light the following day when a teacher noticed the child acting out of character and refusing to go out at break time. When he was asked what was wrong, he said he didn't want to see Peace's daughter. The boy elaborated on what happened when the teacher prompted for more information.


Concerned staff spoke to the child's parents about the matter, who then called the police. After investigating, the authorities were able to review security footage of a nearby home which confirmed the child was telling the truth. Peace initially denied the allegations until it was clear there was proof. When asked why he behaved in that manner, he said that his stepdaughter "suffers from depression and that when the boys pick on her, it causes serious psychological harm."

In a further interview with KHOU-TV in Houston, Peace acknowledged that he shouldn't have done it, but that he would always stand up for his children. "I'm not going to walk around here and hurt no kids. I never have before in my life. It's just that I defend my kids. If it was ever the same way, I would check my own kids in front of you if I needed to. Right then and there."

Peace is currently out on a $15,000 bail following his arrest.

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