That Whole James Charles And Tati Westbrook Feud, Explained

Everyone loves a juicy story, and boy is this one a doozy. This week, news broke of a feud between massively popular YouTube beauty gurus James Charles and Tati Westbrook. Charles and Westbrook were longtime friends, with Westbrook discovering Charles and using her massive platform to promote the teen makeup prodigy.

He has since gone on to amass a Cover Girl ambassadorship and a subscriber count in the millions. That is, until Westbrook released a scathing video last week announcing that she was ending their friendship and listing her reasoning as to why.

Tati Westbrook is one of the original beauty YouTubers and founder of the Halo Beauty company. Since the beginning of his career, Westbrook acted as a mentor and friend to James Charles.

However, earlier in April, Charles promoted Sugar Bear Hair, a rival beauty company on his Instagram stories. This sparked Westbrook to express her hurt and disappointment. She claimed that after all the work she had done to promote Charles, she and her husband viewed this act as a betrayal. Shortly after in an Instagram post that said Tati had been "like a mother" to him, Charles apologized, saying that he promoted the rival company as they had provided security for him at Coachella.

However it seems that their rift went deeper than just this incident. In the 40 minute long video, Westbrook explains some of Charles' behavior during their friendship and how she felt it was inappropriate, stating that she no longer wanted to be associated with him.

In the video, Westbrook detailed incidences when she felt uncomfortable with his behavior, such as during a dinner part for her birthday where he was discussing sex. She also accused Charles of "manipulating people's sexuality," and expressed disappointment in how he presents himself as "over-sexualised" online.

Since the video, James Charles has seen a massive drop in followers on his popular YouTube channel. In a matter of days, he has lost over three million subscribers. Prior to the drama his follower count was at 16 million and counting. According to Social Blade, he is currently sitting at approximately 13.6 million subs.

After Westbrook's video, James released his own video with an emotional apology towards both Tati and her husband. However, it may be too late for their once super-close friendship.

Many celebrities have also reportedly unfollowed the makeup guru after Tati released her video. Teen Vogue explains, "His fans who he calls his “sisters” claim to be cancelling him as they’re slowly finding out who he really is. One fan commented on his Instagram saying, 'Jordyn [Woods] is no longer the biggest scandal of 2019 thanks to James Charles.'"

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