Jalapeño-Infused Wine Will Be The Spiciest Booze You've Tasted

For those who love to add a little spice and kick to their wine, we’ve got good news for you. There’s a Jalapeño-flavored wine available for purchase, and yes it tastes just as spicy as it sounds.

The summer of 2018 has brought us many different options when it comes to our chilled glass of wine (orange wine, blue wine, blueberry wine and even volcanic wine), you might want to add one more enigmatic flavor to the list: Jalapeño wine. And while this might not sound very enticing for many wine lovers, it sure will get your spicy-food loving friends and family members quite excited.

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Jalapeño wine is available to order by the bottle from Illinois-based Galena Cellars. At $16 per bottle, it’s also been getting pretty good reviews. As a matter of fact, many people can’t help but point out it’s distinct “bite” and have even suggested trying it out in a Bloody Mary.

Jalapeños are a very hot green chili pepper that is often used in Mexican-style cooking. Most vegetables are a concentrated source of nutrients, but jalapeños are especially rich in a few nutrients that your body will be thankful for. Just one cup of the sliced peppers has 107 milligrams of vitamin C, which means it plays a crucial role in preventing cell damage caused by certain environmental toxins, plus reactive compounds called free radicals.

In addition, jalapeño peppers play a crucial role for your metabolism, supports healthy teeth, gums and bones, and even plays a role in brain function.They are also a delicious way to add more vitamin A to your diet and for your immune system.

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“Wine is sunlight held together by water.” #galenacellars #gettogalena

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Now, keep in mind that you probably won’t get the full benefits of jalapenos from this jalapeño-infused wines, but for many spice lovers, it’s worth a shot. After all, a chilled glass of jalapeño wine would pair nicely with Taco Tuesdays, right?

Unfortunately, the Jalapeno Wine isn’t available for delivery across all 50 states – or at least, not yet. For now, the spicy wine can only be shipped to a handful of states. They include California, Colorado, D.C., Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.

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