Jaime Pressly Flat Out Admits She Has A Favorite Kid

jamie pressly and her son

Actress and model Jaime Pressly has caused quite a commotion on social media. Pressly, the mother of three sons, recently posted a sweet picture of herself and her eldest son, 12-year-old Dezi, enjoying the day together. It wasn't Pressly's photo itself that caused the debate amongst her followers and parents in general, but the caption that has people talking.

Pressly noted in the caption, quite unapologetically, that Dezi is her favorite child. "Best time ever hangin with my favorite son, Dezi," she wrote. "That’s right I said it. I have a favorite son although I luv all 3 of my boys with everything I have in me. Dez and I have a special bond that no one else will ever match because we’ve grown up together. #firstborn #iloveyou." Pressly also has twin sons Leo and Lenon, with longtime boyfriend Hamzi Hijazi. Her twins will turn 2 next week.

It's almost an unspoken rule of parenting that there are no "favorite" children, or at least that's something that parents never speak out loud. But Pressly doesn't seem to have any issue stating that her oldest son, whom she shares with ex Eric Cubiche, is her favorite child.  Her fans and followers had mixed reactions to her statement, with some also admitting they have their own favorites while others think she's out of line to make such a public declaration.

"We all have a favorite kid. Some ppl just don’t admit it. Mine is my middle child," wrote one fan. "You are amazing and I love this so much. All us parents have our favorite even though we would give anything for all our kids. It's nice to see people openly say it instead of denying it! Although, if the other 2 read this in the future you could have a little problem," added another. "Every parent has a favorite," noted one follower.

Others couldn't help but point out that Pressly's children would one day be able to read her comments and may not feel so favorably about them.

"I really truly hope that this is not how you really feel. If so, why use social media to make your other children feel bad. Please tell me this is a joke. Signed, 1 of 6. Not the favorite," wrote one commenter. "Wonder how the other two feel after this post..." wrote another. Another chimed in writing, "The other 2 should disown you."

Many agree that parents have favorite children, but many also agree that it might be something one should keep to themselves so no one's feelings get hurt. Do you have a favorite child? Would you ever publicly post about that? Do you think Pressly may change her mind as her twins get older?

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