Teen Who Won Over $1 Million Playing Fortnite Is Buying His Mom A House

If you're a parent, you may have fallen into frustration over the rise of video games in your child's life. Well for one mom, this was certainly true, however there was a happy ending for her that was also due to video games. Specifically, Fortnite. A game that has had a huge surge in popularity, causing many parents to worry about the amount of time their kids are spending online. For one mom though, her son's skill at the game has resulted in a huge amount of cash for him, and he intends to share the wealth by buying her a house.

15 year-old British teenager Jaden Ashman won a Fortnite World Cup tournament, which resulted in big earnings. He won with a game playing partner, and their prize was approximately 2.2 million dollars. They are going to be splitting the hefty prize. Ashman is planning on buying his mother a house with his winnings.

Like many other families, Ashton and his mother Lisa fought about video games. According to the New York Post, she had even gone as far as throwing his Xbox away and breaking a headset because she was concerned about his school performance. Ashton reportedly spends multiple hours per day playing the popular video game under the user name "Wolfiez".

Since winning the Fortnite World Cup, things are looking up for Ashton when it comes to a professional gaming career. He has reportedly already signed a $59,000 deal with Lazarus, a gaming team.

Although his mother is a bit more accepting of his gaming career, she has said that she still wants him to finish proper schooling. When he qualified for the World Cup, his mother stared to see that maybe he was involved in something that wasn't a complete waste of time. Apparently, when she applied for his Visa to go to the tournament she needed to list him as a professional athlete on the forms, which was a shock to her. However, she told The Sun that it is still important to her that he carries on to graduate.

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