Jade Roper Tolbert Hits Back At Comments Over Daughter's Development

Jade Roper Tolbert, former star of The Bachelor, shut down Instagram comments suggesting that her daughter may have Autism. The mom of one girl and a boy on the way announced that comments about her daughter's development were rude and no one's business.

Tolbert certainly lives a very public life. She met and married Tanner Tolbert on Bachelor in Paradise. Since then, the couple makes a living posting both sponsored and natural content about their lives online. Jade Roper has one million followers. But one message expressing concern about her daughter's development went too far for her.

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Tolbert took a screenshot of a message sent to her via Instagram, posting it along with her reply to her stories. The sender, whose username she blacked out, writes: "So cute. But how old is she? She's kind of showing signs of autism. Just thinking. She's so precious!!!"

Tolbert replies by making it clear that the comment was unwarranted and unnecessary. She puts the commenter in her place by firmly stating that the remarks were not helpful, even if that was their intention. Like any other mom, Tolbert is keenly aware of her own daughter's progression and she can direct any concerns to her pediatrician, not strangers on the internet.

Additional commenters have pointed out that Tolbert should not have posted a video if she did not want to hear any negative words. As a celebrity, she should potentially realize that rudeness and unsolicited advice comes with the territory.

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Others, Tolbert included, maintain that sharing family moments is not an invitation for unwelcome advice or suggestions like the one about Autism. This situation brings to light the question of whether celebrities should share photos and videos of their children online. In most cases, they have not consented. Some children, celebrity or not, discover their online presence and are completely horrified. Is that okay?

There are so many takes on this situation, but we can all agree that unsolicited parenting advice is best left at the door.

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