This J.Crew Boys' Shirt Is Sparking An Explosive Debate Among Parents

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Graphic and message t-shirts have long been the subject of much debate on social media. Many of the messages certain t-shirts display have been proven to be sexist, racist or simply in poor taste. There are even some schools that ban graphic tees in general to eliminate the possibility of any issues arising from messaging.

J.Crew has unwittingly created an explosive debate among parents recently after posting a picture of one of their newest message tees. The image that has so many people clashing features a young boy seated and wearing a pink t-shirt that reads, "I am a feminist too."

The shirt, which retails for $29.50, is part of a collaboration between J. Crew and prinkshop, which is 'an activists minded brand'. Ten percent of the proceeds sold of all items in the collaboration are donated to Girl Up, an organization that helps girls achieve their dreams.

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While this sounds like a great collaboration and an even better way to provide funds for a worthy cause, people have a lot of issues with the picture posted by J.Crew. As POPSUGAR Moms pointed out, many of the 1000+ comments on the picture are between commenters spewing hateful remarks at the company, the picture or each other. In contrast, the picture also has over 16,000 likes with many of the commenters defending J.Crew and applauding the t-shirt and the message it's helping to send.

"Love this, we are slowly evolving! Here’s hoping our future adults will view gender equality as a given, not a debate," wrote one commenter.

"I love this. I'm going to buy my son one in every size so he never runs out. xx," wrote another.

"Love it! Thank you, J.Crew for sending this sweet message to girls and women! We need men & boys to stand with us!"

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However there were a lot of people who didn't appreciate the t-shirt. Many left comments that they would no longer support J. Crew with their business, while others accused the company of using children to further a political agenda.

"Why? Just why? Can’t kids just be kids anymore?" wrote one person.

"You're pathetic! No more shopping with J.Crew for me!"

This isn't the first time the clothing retailer has caused an uproar among conservatives. Back in 2011, the company posted an image of a mother painting her son's toenails pink causing outrage among many who worried the mother was causing "gender confusion."

J.Crew has yet to respond to any of the controversy surrounding the t-shirt, but it does appear that it was so popular it sold out initially. It's now back in stock and available in youth sizes 2-14.

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