Ivanka Trump Shares Update After Daughter Hits Her Head In Scary Fall

The oldest daughter of President Donald Trump, Ivanka, wrote on her Instagram story Tuesday that her daughter, Arabella, 8, fell while playing the schoolyard game gaga. Since the scare happened, Ivanka started sharing resources with parents about the dangers of concussions and opening up about the scary incident.

If you are wondering, gaga is a dodgeball like game that is played with a soft foam ball in which players try to hit their opponents with a ball below the knees. The upgraded version of classic dodgeball, basically.

"Yesterday Arabella slipped playing Gaga and hit her head hard (thankfully, she is fine)," she wrote.

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"Parents/Caregivers: below is an excellent resource for concussions – or TBI (traumatic brain injury) – that is worth reading and passing along,'' she wrote.

Included in her Instagram story, where she shared the information, she included a fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding how to spot concussions in children playing sports, which are wonderful resources for parents to have on hand.

Signs of a concussion include being dazed, forgetting an instruction, moving clumsily and failing to recall events before the fall or hit to the head. These are all symptoms that can be observed by parents. In addition, if a child reports that they are experiencing things like blurry vision, nausea, inability to concentrate, sensitivity to light and noise, headache, or balance problems, these can be common symptoms as well.

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It is reported by the CDC that more than 800,000 children per year are taken to emergency rooms in the United States for traumatic brain injury, so this isn't something to be taken lightly. If you suspect your child has a concussion, they should be removed from whatever it is they are playing and be seen by a healthcare provider.

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