Italy Now Requires Climate Change Lessons In Its School System

climate change

Climate change is something that affects us all, yet despite the warnings of doom for the future, it doesn't seem as if there's enough that's being done to reverse the effects of it. Part of that has to do with a lack of will, but another part has to do with a lack of education. Now to be fair, scientists have debated amongst themselves, if it's something super serious or if it's gradual. They have also argued about what really is causing these changes.

Many have claimed long-term effects on the human population due to the rise in the Earth's temperature. Italy is the first country taking a big leap by implementing climate change studies to its school system.

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Starting next fall, Italian students will be taught about climate change in: Civics, Math and Science classes. Moreover, these lessons will be mandatory. Lessons will be imposed for all grade levels, but will be modified so they're age-appropriate. Italian Minister of Education, Lorenzo Fioramonti, firmly believes this is a vital topic for all children to learn. The climate change curriculum is set to fill up about 33-hours of learning in a year, which is the equivalent of about an hour a week.

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When asked about this revolutionary move, Fioramonti had this to say, “I want to make the Italian education system the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school.” The Italian government will begin training their teachers January 2020, to make sure they're ready to teach the curriculum at the start of the school year, in September 2020. In an interview, Fioramonit told The New York Times, “The 21st-century citizen must be a sustainable citizen.”

Italy will be the first country to enforce the subject of climate change. Italy is hopeful that they'll be trailblazers in this trend and that many more countries will follow suit.

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