I Don’t Give A Sh*t If My Kids Swear, So Hold Your Judgement

Oh for f*#$%’s sakes.” It wasn't my proudest parenting moment, in the middle of a grocery lineup, sandwiched between two of the most adorably proper looking elderly ladies you could possibly imagine. My 2 year old belted this out with reckless abandon, luckily his tiny song-song voice was just unclear enough to leave doubt as to whether he actually said that.

Although I’d love to say he picked this up this language somewhere far, far away, and that the sound of his sweet little voice filled me with outrage, the truth is that he learned it from me. And If it wasn’t for social conventions, I wouldn’t care at all.

I admit I swear far too much, however, I try my best to hold back in front of my kids. I realize that I don’t want them to belt these out during school or at grandma’s house, and I recognize that they are too little to know the times that language like this should best be zipped up. But at the core of it, the reason why I don't care so much if they do swear, is the same reason I swear too much myself- I can't help but feel as if they are just words.

I get that words can be powerful, and I understand the harmful effect of words. I would hate for my kids to ever use derogatory language towards others that would hurt or harm. And this includes cussing-I would also hate for my kids to use swear words in a derogatory manner with an intent to hurt another. However the swearing as exclamations, or as the meme says “sentence enhancer”.. Oh yes, that’s fair game.

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Ever since I was a child I loved reading and words. Some would argue that swearing is a sign of low intelligence, however in my very humble opinion, the more words you know, the better to make your sentences shine. Curse words are certainly charged with emotion given the fact that they are so polarizing, but the truth of the matter is that I like mixing words creatively. And an F-bomb here and there make me feel creative AF. If you have all these words at your disposal to get your point across, then why not use them?

Should kids swear? Of course they shouldn’t. As long as these words are considered taboo, they are simply not appropriate for children. That being said, they are just words, and I really have other things when it comes to my kids’ health and safety to get my knickers in a twist about than simple words. As long as they aren’t used to drag or demean anyone, I really couldn’t give a sh*t if my kids swear.

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