Is Homework Good For Kids?

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Here’s a question that parents have been asking themselves for generations now: is homework actually beneficial for kids or is it simply a huge waste of time? Well, the answer depends on what kind of homework your child is expected to do and if they are in fact retaining any important information from their work.

According to Alfie Kohn, author of the book The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much Of A Bad Thing, told Pacific Standard Magazine that there’s no evidence that suggests homework has any academic benefits for elementary or middle school kids. He even goes as far as calling homework educational malpractice and thinks that there should be a universal ban on it at schools all across the country.

And while there are plenty of homework haters (kid improved, nonetheless) who think doing school work after dinner is the worst punishment to mankind, other educational experts disagree. They even point out that homework isn’t so bad, especially if the assignment emphasizes quality over quantity.

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“Homework at a young age isn’t necessary, but I think it can be used to build skills,” says Dr. Daniela Montalto , a pediatric neuropsychologist and clinical director of the Institute for Learning and Academic Achievement at the Child Study Center at NYU Langone.

Dr. Montalto further states that practicing simple skills like correctly using a pair of scissors, practicing cursive writing or simply going over math problems isn’t such a bad thing. She also says that focusing on foundational areas (or simply strengthening these skills at home) can help a student build confidence as they continue to learn at school. But if a teacher is giving repetitive worksheets or “busy work” as some would like to call it, that’s different and not really necessary according to many experts in the teaching industry.

In addition, building strong studying habits is also very important for not only a student’s grades, but his or her long-term success, too. Learning how to efficiently work at home and build time management skills is the best kind of homework any child can have, no matter what grade they are in.

If there’s something that should never be banned, it’s reading and of course, preparing for a better future.

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