How To Introduce Your Kid To Fireworks For The First Time

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Now that summer is in full swing that means lots of opportunities to spend those lazy days of summer doing some really fun activities with the kids. With the 4th of July just around the corner one of those fun family bonding activities often includes hitting up the local fireworks display and simply enjoying the festivities.

No matter where you are, the 4th of July is synonymous with fireworks, and is almost always a fun family event. But sometimes fireworks can be a bit scary for kids, especially younger ones, and failing to prepare your children for what to expect during the light and sound how can lead to some pretty frightened kids and a lot of tears. But there are some steps you can take to prepare your kids for what to expect during fireworks to help ensure that everyone is having fun.

Make It Exciting!

According to Offspring, the first step in ensuring a fun fireworks experience for everyone is to let your kids know exactly what is going to happen before the big day arrives. Children can often fear the unknown, but if you talk about the fireworks and what they should expect ahead of time, it helps alleviate any anxiety they may have. Thanks to YouTube you can also show them lots of different examples of fireworks shows to help prepare them and get them excited.

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Preparation Is Key

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Late nights, tired kids and loud noises can often be a recipe for disaster, which is why you need to be prepared for every possible issue that may come up. Offspring suggests having lots of snacks on hand to keep tired and cranky kids happy, or maybe a pack of glow sticks you picked up from the local dollar store. Noise cancelling headphones can also be a great idea for those who really don't love loud noises but who still want to enjoy the fireworks show along with everyone else. Bring a wagon or chairs and a blanket and everything you need to make your little one comfortable while they wait so everyone can focus on the fun. Bringing a tablet or iPad along to keep little ones occupied while you wait for the fireworks to start is also a great idea.

Expect The Expected

While we would all love for our child's first experience with fireworks to be amazing and exactly what we see on all those television shows that show the picture perfect July 4th celebration, that's often not the reality. Kids get tired and overwhelmed after a long day of celebrating, and meltdowns often happen before the fireworks even begin. Don't be upset if your child doesn't make it through the fireworks, instead make sure you can make a quick exit if need be. Maybe instead of being at the local town park and watching the fireworks, you set up camp in the back yard instead and cross your fingers you can catch a  glimpse, or maybe your have a neighbor who will put on a smaller fireworks show of their own.

And don't feel bad if your kids don't seem to love them the first time, it doesn't mean you're doomed to missing July 4th fireworks forever! Sometimes kids just need a little time to grow up a little bit to truly appreciate how amazing fireworks can be.

So don't be upset if your 4th doesn't go off as planned, but do follow the steps above to help prepare your kids as much as possible for what to expect during the fireworks.

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