Tips To Introduce A New Relationship To Your Kids, Post-Divorce

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Ending a marriage is never easy, especially when there are children involved. No matter what your circumstances, divorce changes everything. Then, just when you think you're out of the woods and everything is settling down, you might meet a new romantic interest - most likely when you least expect it. Whether it's been five months or five years since your split, introducing a new partner to your children can be incredibly tricky. Your children may not have ever seen you with someone besides their other parent, and that can present a whole load of potentially disastrous situations. On that note, we've unearthed a few handy tips to help you along the way.

Make sure it's serious. You may feel like the person you're dating is the one after three months, but according to Divorce Mag, taking your time with the first introduction is essential. We all know how quickly relationships can deteriorate, and the last thing anyone would want is to be integrated into the family, only to be gone the following week. If you feel like the relationship is going to last, then there really is no rush. Take your time.

Manage your expectations. Life may seem like it's getting back to normal following the big split, but divorce can have lasting effects on children that you may not always see. When it's time for them to meet your new beau, be aware that they might not hit it off straight away. Understand that it's going to take a little time before you're all playing board games on a Sunday evening.


Let your kids have a say. While you can't take advice on who you date from your children, you can give them a say in how and when they want to meet your new love interest. Open the line of communication with your kids and tell them that you've met someone new that you would love for them to meet. Ask them how they would prefer to do the initial introduction. Perhaps they think dinner is too formal and would like to choose somewhere more low key.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure the first meet is short and sweet.

Most importantly, make sure you're ready to take this step, too. If your new partner is pressuring you, then they're most likely not the right person for you.

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