Inside the Life of New "Teen Mom" Bristol (20 Points)

It’s hard to believe that we have season eight of Teen Mom OG already and when it aired on October 1, 2018, we saw a few new additions to the cast. Last season we saw Farrah Abraham removed from the cast and for this season the producers dropped the news that Bristol was joining the cast. Bristol was asked why she decided to join the show by MTV and she stated, “I've been a huge fan of the show forever and I've watched these girls' stories, and I just feel like, you know, [I was given] a platform and I need to use it. And if there's anything I can relate in my life to someone else out there, then that's what I wanna do.”

We may be surprised to see her on the show but she was brought in for a reason. She is sure to bring an interesting storyline. Whether it’s drama or a fresh perspective we will know soon enough. There are a lot of cool things about her life and we can share some of those things with you.

Check out these 20 points inside the life of new Teen Mom Bristol.

20 Not Everyone Is Welcoming Her On The Show

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Cory Wharton is a fellow newbie to the show and even he wasn’t cool about Bristol coming on the show. He seems to be worried about having to compete with Bristol in terms of media coverage. "Nothing against Bristol, it was more just communication on the network side of things," he said on The Domenick Nati Show. "We weren't upset, we just thought it was a little funny how things went. No one likes to be in the dark. We were definitely a little questioning things because we were filming a good month or two before she even started to film, so it was strange that she was getting promoted before us."

19 She Was A Teen With Her First Child

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She was only 16 when she became pregnant with her son, Tripp in 2008. At the time she was engaged to Levi Johnson who claimed in his memoir that she had gotten pregnant because she wanted to get revenge on her mother. Who's to say what really happened, that's something only Bristol can confirm. Bristol and Levi eventually called it quits in 2010.

Levi and his new wife Sunny will also be appearing on the show from time to time which is sure to bring about its own drama.

18 She Struggles With Her Ex’s PTSD

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Bristol has struggled over the years with her ex-husband’s PTSD even though the two are no longer together. He had been the only surviving member of his platoon during the Afghanistan war. Bristol feels that he takes his anxiety out on her all the time. “Obviously, there’s lots of pain between us,” she explained.

“I feel bad [...]about it but it’s been two years where it’s, like, two years of hurt. My frustration is just I understand you have anxiety, but it doesn’t justify things that are said between us if that makes sense.”

17 She Got Tired Of Trials With Her Ex

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One of the reasons why the two split up was that he could not deal with the PTSD in a healthy manner. She knows he’s going through something difficult but she got tired of the constant struggle. She didn’t want her children growing up and thinking that was what marriage was supposed to be like. Although Dakota has apologized for some of the things he has said, he also says that he wishes that Bristol understood what he is going through. "I'm a punching bag for everything that he goes through internally," Bristol said, adding that she’s not sure if he’s just mean or if it’s just his anxiety.

16 There Are Multiple Dads In The Picture

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Bristol has three children in total. She had her first child, Tripp with Levi and then her next two children, Sailor and Atlee, were fathered by her ex-husband Dakota Meyer. "She loves her little sister and just wants to help us with everything," wrote Bristol. "She is still a little rough, but it is all out of love!” Meanwhile, "Tripp has always been the best big brother, he has a heart of gold ... He loves our new addition just like I knew he would!" Regardless of what is going on, Bristol just sounds grateful for everything. "I am so thankful for the babies God chose me to mother," she wrote. "It has been the best title I could've ever been given,” writes Today.com.

15 She’s Not Interested In Dating

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Being a single mom is not easy and dating as a single mom is also not an easy task. It’s not easy going out there and meeting someone new when you have three children at home. When Bristol appeared on Good Morning America in September, she stated she had no interest in dating anyway. "[Heck] to the naw. No," she said in a clip from the upcoming season that aired during her Good Morning America segment. "My parents have been married [for] 30 years. Like, of course, that would be so incredible to have that. But my thoughts on it have changed so much that it’s like — I don’t think I would ever get remarried. Ever.”

14 She Admits That She’s Not Perfect

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Considering that she was a teen mom herself at 16, she’s not coming onto the show claiming that she knows everything and that her life is perfect. In fact, she can probably help a lot of new moms out with their struggles. "I was a teen mom. My life is not perfect at all," the reality star admitted. It is refreshing to see someone who wants to help others get through difficult experiences. She knows she has made mistakes over the years and she's willing to admit it.

13 There Will Be Plenty Of Drama For Everyone

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What people like to see on Teen Mom is drama and there is usually plenty of it to go around. Bristol is sure to bring some of that because she has had multiple bad relationships and still seems to struggle with Dakota. She posted on social media about being added to the show saying, “I am excited to join MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG.’ I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey.” We will all have to stay tuned to the show to see the many dramatic events that unfold this year.

12 It Might Be Like Girl Interrupted

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Farrah Abraham who was forced to leave the show last season is very upset at the fact that Bristol is on the show. “I think I’m watching Girl, Interrupted. She moved to the same place I live,” the 27-year-old author said. “I’m actually scared. I want to stay away from that.” It sounds like she thinks that Bristol is crazy. Kailyn Lowry feels differently, however, stating, “I think it could be a great addition to the Teen Mom OG cast,” she says, “I welcome her to the family!” She may be making friends and enemies by joining the show but that’s showbiz.

11 She’s A Northern Girl

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She’s a true northern girl because she comes all the way from Alaska. That is not the place for people who don't like the cold. The town has a population of fewer than 10,000 people. It was the place that she met and fell in love with her first baby daddy, Levi Johnston. We are sure to learn more about him on the show as well. Bristol will be the very first addition to the show who has come from Alaska. She doesn’t live there anymore but you can see some of the gorgeous pictures from there if you check out her social media accounts.

10 She Has Been Through Some Testing Trials

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She’s been through a divorce and still struggles with her ex-husband Dakota at times. "I get DM's every day asking how I stay so positive through a divorce—but the truth is—that this might be one of the most difficult faith-testing trials I have ever been through," part of her post read. "You guys see my highlight reel.. my proud moments.. my beautiful kids! You don't see the struggles, the hurt, the self-doubt, the sleepless nights, the tribulations that bring me to my knees. It's been a daily struggle for me to continue to CHOOSE to take the higher road, but I know and take full reassurance that God's plan is so much greater than the life I had before."

9 She’s Looking Forward To Sharing Her Experiences

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Bristol has been through a lot over the years and being a teen mom no matter what isn’t easy for anyone. She’s looking forward to being on the show so that she can share her experiences with people who may be going through the same things. "I think I've grown up so much in the last 10 years. And I think God gave me this platform to be on this show to open up my life and discuss things that are going on or that I'm passionate about," she said on the after-show. "If I can help or encourage others, I think that's what God wanted me to do."

8 She Is One Of The Oldest Moms On The Show

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When we think of “Teen Mom,” we sometimes expect to see actual teens on the show but this isn’t 16 and Pregnant. The moms on the show have been teen moms before but are all now in their twenties. Bristol is about to turn 28 this month and she will be one of the oldest moms that have been on the show. Maci is 27, amber is 28 as well and Catelynn is 26. Cast member Briana is the youngest, and she is currently only 24. Jenelle, Leah, and Kailyn are 26 and Chelsea turned 27 this year.

7 Bristol's Ex Thinks Teen Mom Doesn't Reflect The Struggles Of Parenting

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Dakota Meyers is definitely unimpressed that his ex-wife is now a part of the cast of Teen Mom OG. He took to social media and posted, “What’s sad is that @Viacom has turned @TeenMom into a trailer trash Real Housewives instead of showing what the true struggles of parenting are,” he tweeted. “I’ll bring my VLOG back and show you what single parenting looks like since they can’t seem to figure it out.” Meyers appears on the show as well which makes his comments even more interesting. “It’s time to call it what it is @teenmom parenting is way more than everyone sitting around [talking bad] about their ex’s.”

6 There Are No Hard Feelings

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Another Teen Mom OG star is unimpressed with the addition of Bristol to the show. Tyler Baltierra appeared on an episode of the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey, and said, “Do I think it’s weird [...]? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a really, like, not a good decision for the franchise? Yeah. But that’s out of my control.” But he’s decided to reserve his judgment until he gets to know her better. “I’m like, I can’t read the tabloids. I gotta just get to know the person on my own. I don’t want to get any preconceived judgments or notions about these people.”

5 She Was The Most Famous Teen Mom In The World


Bristol had to face being a teen mom in the public eye because of who her mother is and that wouldn’t be easy on anyone. She talks about some of those experiences in her memoir, Not Afraid Of Life, My Journey So Far. “In seventh grade, Bristol’s locker is conveniently right next to Levi Johnston’s, and she soon succumbed to his good looks and cockiness. When her English teacher assigned her a letter to be inserted into a time capsule, Bristol wrote about her desire to own 50 pairs of jeans, to have her own pig, to go to a Lakers game, [...]and, last but not least, wrote, “I have a crush on Levi Johnston.”

4 She Has Become A Texan

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She may have grown up in Alaska, but she has since moved to Texas. She moved there when she married Dakota Meyers. It was Austin where they found their home and that’s where she has stayed after the divorce. She is also the only Teen Mom cast member who lives in Texas. If you follow Bristol on social media you can see how she is living her life in Texas. It’s definitely the place to be if you like to be warm all the time and maybe that’s why she decided to leave Alaska.

3 Sometimes She Squabbles In Front Of The Kids

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The first episode of the show concluded with Dakota and Bristol getting into an argument in front of the kids. You could see them arguing while the sounds of their children playing were in the background. "Well, I don't know what's PTSD or what's not," Dakota said, mocking Bristol's tone. "Are you kidding me? You wonder why I go off the rails and why it gets amplified? And all I want you to do is love me and be there for my scars."

It was a tough argument to watch and we really feel for what Bristol is going through.

2 It’s Not Her First TV Show

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This isn’t Bristol’s first rodeo so to speak. She has been on other TV shows as well such as The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and co-starred with Shailene Woodley. She also had a short docu-series called Life’s A Tripp in 2012 on Lifetime TV. “The series followed [Bristol] as she moved to Los Angeles, then back to Alaska, with two episodes set in Arizona (where her sister Willow was attending beauty school) and one episode in Washington, D.C,” shares Wikipedia.com. She also appeared on Dancing With The Stars which is pretty cool.

1 She Has Become A Role Model

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Due to her own teen pregnancy, she has been part of the teen pregnancy prevention movement. “At age 18 in May 2009, ... appeared on the Today show and Good Morning America in recognition of the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. She called for all teens to abstain.” In 2009, she was named a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ambassador for the Candie’s Foundation. She gets paid to be an ambassador and the fact that she’s trying to educate other teens is commendable. Part of being an ambassador means that she gives interviews about abstinence on talk shows.

Sources: People, The Spec, E Online, US Magazine.

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