This YouTube Family Is Selling A Doll Version Of Their Newborn Son For $340

A popular UK YouTube family is now selling a realistic-looking doll modeled after their newborn son, and we honestly still are not sure why.

The Inghams are a well known YouTube family, headed by parents Chris and Sarah. They share vlogs chronically their lives with four children Isabelle (13), Esmé (9), Isla (7), and baby Jace. The newest family member is little Jace, born on March 27 of this year.

Sarah's entire labor and delivery were recorded and posted online. The family published the footage on their YouTube channel, titling it: "EMOTIONAL LIVE BIRTH."

All of the Ingham children have their own Instagram accounts, including Jace, who got his at ten days old.

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On July 19, Chris and Sarah surprised their two eldest daughters during a vlog by telling them they had designed an extremely lifelike doll version of Jace.

UK-based toy designer Mary Shortle designed the doll, which retails for $340 — £279. For $418, or £344, you can also purchase a "hamper" of baby accessories and outfits to go with Jace.

The Jace dolls, which replicate him at two weeks old, are limited edition. Just 250 dolls will be produced.

Anyone who buys a doll will also be invited to attend a series of Baby Jace Tea Parties, organized by the Inghams. Invitees can bring their Jace doll along, and get a chance to meet and get to know the Inghams.

Fans had mixed opinions. Many followers expressed their enthusiasm, while others were extremely bewildered. Some were even disgusted by the whole concept.

Concerned fans worried that "the wrong people" might buy the Jace doll. Many chimed in with disapproving comments and even unfollowed the channel. However, the majority of the comments remained positive. According to the Inghams, negativity is always out there, and that is where the attention goes.

We are honestly just a little bit confused. Why make this doll? We will have to hold off on our judgment and see how many end up selling. You never know: Jace dolls may turn out to be the newest trend.

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