What You Really Need This Summer Is An 'Inflatable Hunk'

Looking for a man to bring to your pool party that'll hang by your side in the water and even hold your drink? Let us introduce you to Chad, the "Inflatable Hunk" pool floatie!

Chad is the presumably supportive hunk that wears sunglasses and holds his muscled outstretched arms atop a red and white donut floatie. Chad has slicked dark hair, a large toothy smile and a place to hold your drink. Chad is the perfect man to carry you around in the pool, and can conveniently go back in the box when you're done with him.

The pool floatie has made quite the splash on the Amazon website, where he retails for $19.99, and includes hilarious descriptions such as "Fabulous floating pool hunk keeps you cool as you relax in his muscly arms." According to people who have purchased the item, even his shorts say "Chad", which is great news in case he forgets who he is- after all, he seems to be a bit of an airhead.

Chad is perfectly designed to hold you as you lounge around the pool, tucked into his inflatable ring. The ring is described as being 2.7 x 2.4-Feet, perfect for draping yourself over his large hunky arms. Don't forget about that cup holder! You gotta love a useful, helpful partner.

Credit: Amazon

The world of pool floaties is full of hilarious items, some that are practical and some that are not. However Chad is a welcome addition, especially as a gag gift for your friends. He would also be the perfect eye candy for any bachelorette party I'm sure, with his elaborate drawn-on abs and puffy inflatable biceps.

The float is already sold out and has some reviews, including some funny pictures of Chad the hunk in action; holding drinks and beach babes poolside. If you are looking to get a Chad for yourself, you can simply add to cart so that when they get more in stock you will be the first in line. Stock is expected to be refreshed at the end of June, still tons of time to parade your new boyfriend all over the beach.

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