10 Inexpensive Activities For You AND Your Children To Enjoy

With the summer in full-bloom, it can be difficult to arrange and think of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Having the time to squeeze in some solid bonding time let alone activities for everyone to have fun with, it can be difficult to be creative and capture the excitement of everyone involved.

Look no further: we have compiled a list of ten activities that are not just interesting for the entire family, but won't break the bank to partake in. Not everything has to cost an arm and a leg when enjoying some quality family time. So, read below as we will spark your imagination and capture your attention with these ten awesome ideas.


There's absolutely nothing like breathing in the good outdoors. With the invigorating fresh air and natural exercise that you can get from taking a hike with your family, everyone will enjoy nature's beauty as you climb up steep hills and perhaps jump into a cold, crisp lake. Age and weather permitting, hiking is an easy and free activity that every family dynamic can enjoy. Have a baby? Strap them in a baby carrier and take turns with your partner. They'll add extra weight to get you in shape faster! Have an angsty teen on the verge of being expelled? Drag them on an hour's hike to get their anger out in a healthy and productive way.


When you've been bundled up all winter and eating meals on the couch, the dining room table and perhaps floor all season, the moment the sun rises there's nearly every reason to eat outdoors. Despite the amount of bugs you may be inviting to snack-time, having a picnic is a great and easy way to get that daily vitamin D while enjoying the outdoors. Did we mention: it's free! It's also a great excuse why you've fed your child and/or children a plethora of snacks rather than perfectly warm meal. It's a win-win.


Gardening is an incredibly productive and educational activity to teach your children at a very early age. From weeding to harvesting their own fruits and vegetables, gardening is an activity for every age to enjoy. No matter what stage in life your child may be in, your child and/or children will likely find something in regards to gardening that they enjoy best. It could be: watering the plants, wedding or fertilizing.


Whichever part they gravitate more towards will be helpful regardless. And, it's an incredibly productive thing to partake in together as a family.


With the beauty of internet (and by internet we mean pinterest), the ability to access an array of crafts for every age is literally at our fingertips. Whether you use your imaginations to come up with a craft that will benefit your house hold or something to just simply "kill time", crafts can be enjoyable for the entire family. Crafts don't necessarily mean gluing hard noodles to a coloured sheet of paper. It could mean painting your child's room or making a frame from scratch for that picture you've been meaning to hang. Get creative! And if you're at a loss...get on the internet for some ideas!


This may come to a surprise for some: children like to re-decorate. Have you ever noticed your toddler move their baby chair to another spot of the room? Do you notice your small child place their dolls on the windowsill to catch some day's raze? Well, that's their little creative minds making changes and choices as to where what goes. Consider taking their lead on a specific room. Perhaps their own bedroom. Re-decorating is a great activity to involve your children, young and/or old.


There's something about visiting a local farm that gets everyone excited. It may be the novelty of the whole thing, but seeing an active farm is quite admirable. You see where food is grown and made, perhaps you get to see first-hand how hard farmers work; because, farmers feed cities, don't forget.


If you are going to pick up some free-range eggs or purchase some vegetables that you're unable to get at your nearest grocery store, visiting a farm can lighten everyone's heart and bring you back to the simple pleasures of life.


Berry-picking is an incredible way to gather family, no matter how young the smallest child is, and to spend an entire day in the outdoors. Not only will you be snacking in nature's candy at your pleasure, you will bring home an abundance of berries that you'll likely be pressured to use before they go back. So, you may end up baking with your teenager, looking up jam recipes with your husband and learning a new way to preserve the fruit yourself. Berry-picking is a great and affordable (and practical) activity for the entire family to enjoy.


Yes- you read right. Park-Hopping. Far different from the type of "hopping" you may be familiar from your College-Days, Park-Hopping is a great and physical activity for you to enjoy with your kids. Firstly, it's important to choose the area(s) in which you're open to explore. You will likely find a park that you have never played in before! Age depending, you're welcome to make this into a scavenger hunt kind of game. You can also set a time limit to ensure you're punctual with your next park visit.


This is a very practical and yes, fun activity for every child at any age to enjoy. Choosing the next day's outfit is a great way to spark conversation and imagination. No matter the age of the child, encouraging their creativity is such a rewarding thing to do as a parent. Not only will this save you time for the morning, it will allow you both to collaborate on outfit choices that may inspire your next day's attire, too.


Cooking and baking are activities that every family member no matter their age will likely enjoy. Food prep is one that is far more convenient for the week's convenience. Encouraging your child and/or children to participate in an activity that you all will benefit from is a great way to start your week. Whether child helps choose the recipe, prepares the meal or separates the meal into different bowls, meal prep is an activity that everyone will enjoy as they'll each have their own individual role.


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