10 Incredible Stories Of Conjoined Twins

Twins are fascinating, but conjoined twins are even more interesting to many people. Perhaps that is because they are very rare. There is one set of conjoined twins for every 200,000 live births. Another fun fact is that seventy percent of conjoined twins are females.

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Conjoined twins are attached to one another at one or more parts of their bodies. Some believe that they come from a single fertilized egg that doesn’t separate all the way. As rare as this kind of thing is, there are quite a few fascinating sets of conjoined twins. Here are some of their stories.

10 Laleh And Ladan Bijani

In the early 2000’s two conjoined twins by the names of Laleh and Ladan Bijani captured the world’s interested when they decided to undergo a very risky surgery so that they could live their own lives without being attached to each other. They were attached at the head, and unfortunately the outcome of the surgery was not good.

But their story did not end there. The twins brought a lot of attention to a condition that was still a big mystery to some people at that point in time. The sisters became famous around the world because of their story.

9 Erin And Abby Delaney

When two people are joined at the head, doctors usually refer to them as craniopagus conjoined twins. That is where Erin and Abby Delaney come in. Even though they were connected at the head, their brains were not connected, which is always good. But they shared a vein. After they were born, the girls had a series of surgeries in order to become separated.

They were finally separated when they were 10-months-old. Despite the risks that are involved, these two sisters are doing well these days. Furthermore, their story has been quite an inspiration to people all around the world.

8 Lori And Reba Schappell

Lori and Reba (who now goes by the name George) Schappell were born as conjoined twins. While they might look very similar, that’s where their similarities come to a stop. However, they do share opinions on some things. For example, neither one of them wants to be separated from the other one.

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For the Schappell twins, the risks that can happen because of that surgery are simply not worth it. Also, one of them doesn’t like when people pity them. The twins claim that they do not wonder what it would be like to be separated from the other one.

7 Donnie And Ronnie Galyon

One of the reasons why it is so rare to see conjoined twins is because of the fact that very few of them make it through birth. In fact, only about five percent of conjoined twins are born healthy.

Conjoined twins don’t usually have long lives. That’s why Donnie and Ronnie Galyon are so unique. They were born conjoined at the sternum and the groin, and they are now in their sixties, which is amazing. In fact, they are historical, since they are the longest-living conjoined twins ever. They had to stay in the hospital for two years after birth.

6 Abby And Brittany Hensel

Many conjoined twins are at least a little bit famous, since the condition is so rare. But perhaps one of the most famous sets of conjoined twins are Abby and Brittany Hensel. They are very unique, even for conjoined twins. They pretty share a lot of other things, but they have their own heads. Also, they don’t share a stomach, spine, or lungs.

The sisters were born conjoined at the ribcage. In addition, when they were born there was a rudimentary arm between them, and it was removed. The two twin girls have to coordinate some things, such as walking.

5 Jadon And Anias Mcdonald

When these two were just 13-months-old, they underwent an extremely risky surgery that lasted approximately twenty-seven hours. Nevertheless, the two little boys have been doing really well since being separated.

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When they were born, Anias and Jadon Mcdonald shared a small portion of their brain, which means that they were attached at the head. People who are born like that usually have serious health problems within a couple of years, so their parents knew they had to have them separated in order to give them a shot at being healthy and happy. Their story is nothing short of a miracle.

4 Shivanath And Shivram Sahu

These two have their own heads, legs, and hearts. However, Shivanath and Shivram Sahu are stared at all the time since they share a stomach, two legs, and four arms. The two twin brothers are joined at the waist. Some doctors apparently believe that the boys could be separated without any serious consequences, but they do not want that to happen.

Also, their father does not want that to happen either. These boys are the definition of teamwork, since they have to work together to do daily tasks. They don’t even want to be separated when they are old.

3 Clarence And Carl Aguirre

When Clarence and Carl were born, doctors in the Philippines told their mother that she needed to choose which one she wanted to keep, since she would likely lose the other one. When she came to the United States, she didn’t have to choose.

The boys were separated at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore. The process took place over nine months. During those months, the brothers went through four surgeries. Afterward, their mother started throwing two birthday parties each year. One is meant to celebrate the day they were born, and the other is the day the boys were separated.

2 Miracle And Testimony Ayeni

These days, Miracle and Testimony Ayeni get to live their lives as two separate children. But when they were born, things were a lot different for them than they are now. The twin girls were born as ischiopagus twins. For those who don’t know, that means the lower halves of their bodies were connected.

While they both survived the surgery, not everything was so easy. That is because one of the girls had to stay in the intensive care unit for ten days, and she needed additional surgery as well in order to deal with some complications from the separation.

1 Amelia And Allison Tucker

Separating conjoined twins can be risky. Nevertheless, there are a lot of brave men and women who have lived through it, and they have inspired a lot of people. For example, Amelia and Allison’s mother knew they were conjoined before they were born. She also knew she needed to give them the best chance at having healthy lives, so she decided to have them separated after they were born.

The surgery happened when the girls were 8-months-old. It took seven hours, and there were over forty healthcare professionals involved. These days, the girls are happily sharing their story with others.

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