10 Important Lessons You Learn In The First Year Of Motherhood

Motherhood has its ups and downs. There's no doubt about it. Though people will warn you of the bitter-sweet moments that motherhood often brings, there are a few lessons that you will undeniably discover in the first year of motherhood.

Some may be considered 'tricks' while others to be 'lessons' that only those who take on quite a roll discover. The first year of motherhood is not for the weak. It will break you, and then it will build you. So, read ahead for the 10 lessons every mother discovers in their first year of motherhood, whether you've yet to discover them or are about to. Enjoy!

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No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, having a baby will induce a kind of excitement you've never experienced before. This may influence the amount of baby clothes you receive and buy. Though many people hold Baby Showers in order to begin the 'baby collections', we often can't help ourselves when we eye that perfectly curated baby outfit hanging in the store's window.

But let's be real for a second: The baby, in their first year of life, may wear only a dozen outfits in total. We don't mean to generalize. You may be a parent who's trend-forecasting is more skillful than others and intend to dress them in new styles each season; however, babies only need a certain amount of clothes. Welcome to the never-ending-laundry segment of your life. It's called Parenthood.


Yep- you've read that right. We're getting transparent and honest here with some unnecessary purchases. Especially those which are easily marketed to the vulnerable 'mom type'. We've all been one.

Because who's really talking about postpartum underwear? You walk in to a maternity store and the salesperson sells you on these high-wasted, extra elasticized underwear. And yep- they're obviously more expensive than your 3-for-25. However, once you actually get into the postpartum period, you'll quickly realize that you're wearing regular underwear. Whether you've deliver naturally or by cesarean. So, save the cash. Don't fall for those gimmicks.


Baby wash clothes will be incredibly handy before your baby starts eating solids. Whether they are breastfed, formula-fed or the mix of both, they will spit-up. They will spit up when you least expect it. Sometimes, they're consistent; they only spit up after feedings. Regardless of when they spit up, you'll find those tiny, square washcloths more helpful than at just bath time.

They are multi-functional clothes that will be helpful far into their solid food stage. Keep them for re-usable wash clothes for the counter. Keep them for random spills in the car. Don't pitch them when you think you should- there will be a time and place where they'll come in handy.


Ok- this may be a no-brainer. This may also be the only time of day where you get any housework done. You know the cliche saying, "sleep when baby sleeps," and you simply want to laugh in their face. Because when baby sleeps, that's when mom showers, does the dishes, responds to texts from days before and maybe, just maybe, eats a full meal.

But, when baby begins to wiggle around and move, they may be more inapt to grab the perfectly folded laundry. They may force you to re-fold the clean laundry you just folded. Again. And again. So, trust us. Do not attempt to do laundry while your moving-baby is awake.

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Ok. We're touching upon the whole Mom Guilt thing. Because it's very real and very alive. Of course some of us (note: some) will focus on keeping screens off for our young children to watch before the age of two as many professionals warn; however, if you need to 'connect' and feel  a bit 'normal' by picking up your phone to browse social media for an hour or five, the newborn will. Not. Notice.

It's ok. It's the first year of your child's life. You do not have to be 'present' 24/7. If being present constantly fills your heart and makes you the happiest then by all means! But if you want to get lost in your cell phone some days longer than others, don't feel guilty. It's ok.


We all have this preconceived idea of what 'type' of mother you'll be when the time comes. Perhaps you'll be out for lunch dates with your little one every other day. Because, ohhh the time you will have to socialize! To explore! And yes, there's definitely time for that if you prioritize doing so; however, it's ok if that's just not the way it's working out.

It's ok if you're simply too tired to get out of bed for 2 days because you're drained. Because the first year is a blur. Yes. A 'blur'. Go with what feels right for you. Don't push yourself if you don't need to. A stressless mother is a happy mother.

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Ok. You may have been 'warned' 18419 times. But until you experience motherhood in all its rawness will you see how difficult and strenuous it truly is. It does take a village. And sometimes you won't have the support when you really need it. This doesn't need to scare you. This is just to prepare you.

Ensure you have a list of numbers to call when you need to talk. Even if it's just simply to talk. Motherhood has its isolating moments. You're not alone in these feelings. It has its ups and downs. But in the first year of motherhood will you truly realize that this is the hardest job that you've ever taken on. But you can do this. We promise you, you can do this.


Reflecting on what we were just talking about, yes. Millions of us actually survive the first year! Can you believe it!? When you're living in the first year, there will be moments where you feel they may never end.

You may be stuck in negative emotions, not knowing when you will be able to bring yourself out. Don't get us wrong: motherhood is the most rewarding experience anyone can endeavor. But, there are moments where you may want to run away. Find the right balance for you. You've got this. You will, indeed, survive this first year. We promise.

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You may have thought you were tired when you did those all-nighters in University. But oh, boy. Wait until motherhood. You will experience an exhausted Momma that you've never seen before. You're emotionally exhausted. You're physically exhausted. Your skin, suddenly, looks tired, too!

The first year of motherhood will show you that you can multi-task a billion and one things on only an hour sleep. You are Super Woman.


Another cliche yet true statement. The first year will feel like it's dragging by most days. Then suddenly you * blink* and you're celebrating your child's first birthday. "Wow, that went fast!" You'll be screaming to anyone who will listen. Other parents will nod in affirmation.

They too understand its magic. But until you get through that first year will you understand how quickly a year can go. How fast your baby changes. And how incredibly strong and incredible you truly are. You've got this, momma.

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