IKEA Issues Recall On Their Changing Tables


If you are the owner of an IKEA SUNDVIK changing table and chest of drawers combination you need to be aware that the furniture giant has recently issued a safety announcement on the product. IKEA issued the announcement on Tuesday, April 30 after it received three separate reports of children falling off the changing table, their website reports.

ikea change table recall
Credit: IKEA

The incidents happened when the foldable part of the changing table came loose, resulting in the children falling off. The company pointed out that in all incidents "the safety locking fittings were either not used according to instruction or were not fitted at time of construction."

IKEA also mentions that the foldable extension of the changing table is meant to be used "in a fixed position as either a changing table or a storage chest and not as an everyday multi-function product."

IKEA is warning customers not to use the changing table if they don't have the safety locking fittings installed. If they have lost their safety locking kit IKEA is providing replacement kits free of charge noting that the safety locking kit must be used at all times as it is crucial to the safe use of the changing table.

Customers who own the changing table can obtain their free safety locking kit by contacting IKEA at 0203 645 0010 and will not need to provide a receipt or any proof of purchase. Those customers will also receive updated instructions on how to install the safety kit.

"Safe products are always an IKEA priority and we are truly sorry to hear about the incidents but grateful that, to our knowledge, the children are fine. IKEA has now taken precautionary actions and will further improve the product communication,” Children’s Business Area Manager Emelie Knoester said in a statement on Facebook.

Dear IKEA fans, if you have bought the SUNDVIK changing table/chest please read on: IKEA urges all customers that have...

Posted by IKEA on Monday, April 29, 2019

The company maintains that the product is safe when used properly with the safety locking features and used as intended.

This isn't the first time IKEA has struggled with products needing to be recalled due to falls like this. They have been strong voices in the past encouraging parents to always strap their furniture to make sure it's secure. Many of their products some with straps and other methods to help secure their products and prevent injures from falls.

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