IKEA Is Selling A Chocolate Easter Bunny You Have To Build

Easter is a little later this year, but that doesn't mean we aren't already thinking ahead. It's sort of a weird holiday, isn't it? Obviously, if you're religious or attend church regularly, Easter is ... kind of a big deal. But it's also become this massive marketable spring holiday, with candy and bunnies and cute dresses with bonnets and brunch. You can totally do both (the church and the consumer holiday), and plenty of people do! And even though it's over a month away, we're already preparing. Collecting baskets and treats and plastic eggs to fill with even more treats. Pulling out our Sunday finest for a family get together or brunch at our favorite restaurant.

Looking for that perfect goodie to include in the kids' baskets. Why go with the boring old chocolate bunny, when you can combine chocolate and a puzzle?! IKEA, purveyor of cute and affordable furniture and home goods, has just the thing that will take your Easter baskets from boring to fun - a chocolate bunny that you actually need to assemble.

We're guessing this one does not include an Allen wrench.

ikea chocolate bunny
Image: IKEA

Leave it to IKEA to sell a piece of chocolate that have to put together. Is there anything in that store that doesn't require a sheet of hard-to-understand instructions?! Luckily, the VÅRKÄNSLA milk chocolate bunny only comes with three pieces, and it doesn't require a degree in engineering or two extra people to put together.

Image: IKEA

The milk chocolate bunny sells for $4.29, and comes in three easy-to-assemble pieces. Just slide the notched feet and head onto the body, and voila! You've got yourself a cute, modern chocolate bunny, perfect for any Easter basket.

Image: IKEA

The bunny is made of 30% minimum cacao, and it's UTZ certified, which means the cacao is ethically and sustainably sourced and farmed. Plus, we're guessing it tastes pretty good, too! This looks like a super fun treat for kids and adults, and we'd recommend buying a few to have on hand. Who cares if it's a bunny when it's made of chocolate, right?

We imagine the hardest part of putting this delicious guy together is actually putting it together without eating all the pieces first.

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