If Toddler Turns 2 And Is Doing At Least 10 Of These 20 Things, They Are Hitting Their Milestones

Doctors and fellow moms alike will ask one main question when a baby has their second birthday and becomes a toddler: Are they hitting their milestones? There seems to be more competition than ever before since moms can post everything that their little one is doing on their social media accounts, from taking their first steps to playing. These things are no longer happening in private, and now everyone knows everything almost as soon as it happens.

Moms want their toddlers to have lots of happiness and success, and that means that they want their sons or daughters to be up to the developmental standards that experts have set out. It can be a bit worrisome and distressing if a toddler doesn't seem to be doing things as quickly as their older sibling or as a mom's best friend's kid.

There are many different toddler milestones that people talk about the most. If the majority of them are being met, then moms have nothing to be concerned about because everything is perfectly on track. If a toddler turns two and is doing at least 10 of these things, they're hitting their milestones (and, most likely, looking super adorable while doing so).

20 Walking By Themselves Without Mom's Help


Healthy Children says that if a toddler is walking without the help of their mom (or anyone else), then a toddler is definitely hitting their milestones by the age of two.

It's pretty cute when a two-year-old is learning to walk. They might seem like they're stumbling around sometimes or not that confident in their feet's ability to get them where they want to go, but they figure it out. This is one of the major milestones that mom will notice their two-years-old meeting. This is also something that might make moms a bit emotional since they officially have a toddler now and their baby is long gone.

19 Taking A Crayon And Drawing (Even If It's Not Super Great)

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According to WebMD, two-year-olds will start drawing with a crayon, pen, marker, or whatever the utensil of their choice is. Sure, it won't be perfect and it will definitely be messy, but it will be a start.

This is another milestone that moms can look at and think, "Okay, if my kid is doing this, then they're on track." It might not be something that every two-year-old does because some children are more interested in art than others, just like some are more interested in sports than others, but it's still something to look out for. And moms will be happy to see the cute, sweet drawings.

18 Holding Toys At The Same Time As Walking Around The House

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When you have a two-year-old in your house, you might notice that your child is starting to move around a lot, and that it can be pretty tiring to try to catch up to them all the time. Toddlers love being chased, though, so you can always make this a game.

According to Healthy Children, moms might notice that their two-year-old is holding toys and walking around the house at the same time.

This is a big deal since it shows that toddlers are using their hands, they're getting stronger, and they're generally becoming more independent and getting around on their own.

17 Tells Mom What They Want, And It Makes Sense


WebMD says at the age of two, a kid will be able to tell their mom what they want... and the big thing is that it will make sense. The example that the publication gives is that a toddler will say, "Mommy, I want a cookie."

If your two-year-old is doing this, you can definitely be sure that they are meeting their major milestones. This is an interesting milestone since it involves a toddler starting to speak and learning how to make other people understand them. (And, yes, this might make a mom cry because their baby is growing up, but that goes with the territory here.)

16 Runs A Little Bit


WebMD also says that two-year-olds will begin to run. This is also adorable as far as milestones go.

It's good for moms to know what the milestones are for this age group since their toddler might do some things and not others. It can be tough to think that your toddler is up to par with others when they're not hitting every milestone at the same time. But if they're doing most of the things listed here, then they're doing really well developmentally. Watching your toddler move around more might also mean that they're learning how to run. You could have a tiny athlete on your hands and they could find that they love running.

15 Starts Being A Bit Argumentative

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Healthy Children says that two-year-olds will start showing "defiant behavior" when you are talking to them.

If you have a two-year-old in the house, then you're totally nodding your head right now, right? Two-year-olds are definitely like this. Your toddler will most likely start to become pretty argumentative and even if you ask them do something simple (or something that they did all week long with no problem at all), they could tell you no way. It's something that you have to deal with at this stage, and it's not going to be your favorite part of the toddler phase, that's for sure.

14 Can Identify Objects And Point To Them

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If your toddler points at things and says what they are, this is not only very cute, it's also a milestone that many two-year-olds meet. Their favorite toy, their favorite cookie, their apple juice: it all counts.

According to Cdc.gov, two-year-olds will be able to identify objects and also point at them. If this is happening, moms can sit back and relax (well, as much as moms can do that...) knowing that their toddler is hitting their milestones. This is all part of toddlers discovering the universe around them and just interacting more with their parents, siblings if they have any, and other people and objects.

13 Enjoys Playing With Other Children


Parents.com says that most two-year-olds meet the milestone of playing with other children. This makes sense since of course moms have their babies meet other babies, whether at a music class or if they are friends with other moms, but they are too young to really interact much.

Two seems like a good age for your son or daughter to begin to have a bit of a social life. If you notice that they love playing with other children, you can smile knowing that they are doing something that is not only going to make them happy, it's also a milestone.

12 Says Sentences That Have Two Words

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Parents.com says that two-year-olds will say sentences that have two words, like "My ball."

Honestly, why is every toddler milestone so adorable? Maybe because toddlers are just adorable? That's probably it. Moms who have two-year-olds will be amazed by how their kids are learning to talk and it's a really cool thing to witness. You used to have a baby and now you have a little kid who is able to talk about what they want and what they are observing around them. It's definitely interesting, and moms will be glad that this counts as a milestone that toddlers meet, too.

11 Says Things They Hear Adults Saying


Moms often say that toddlers make hilarious comments and this is something that parents talk about quite a lot. Anytime there is a toddler in a movie or on a TV show, the character is often part of the comedy and is saying what their parents or siblings are saying. It's always funny since the words sound so totally grown-up coming out of a toddler's mouth.

According to Child Mind, another milestone that many two-year-olds meet is saying things that they hear adults saying. This is totally normal. You will most likely notice that your two-year-old is doing this a lot.

10 Engages In Imaginary Games And Shows Their Imagination


Child Mind also says that children who turn two years old will engage in games that show that they have an imagination.

Is there anything more beautiful and precious than a child's imagination? Moms would most likely say that there isn't. It's amazing to see your child playing with others and coming up with an entire universe that they have created. While that might be a tiny bit sophisticated for a kid who is two years old, they will still show that they have an imagination, and they will love playing games. This is not only fun for them but it's a milestone, too.

9 Dumps Stuff Out That Was In A Container


According to Child Mind, two-year-olds will also dump out things that are in a container. If there is one thing that toddlers love (okay, maybe besides dessert and apple juice and toys), it's dumping objects out of containers.

Every mom has seen their toddler do this and at first it might be kind of funny because it doesn't seem like it would be that enjoyable to dump container contents onto the floor or carpet of your house. But toddlers honestly have the time of their lives doing this and they will probably do it on a regular basis. Moms should know that this also counts as a milestone.

8 Memorizes Parts Of Sentences In Books They Know Well


Everyone remembers the stories that their moms read to them when they were kids. It can be hard to get rid of the children's books that you loved when you were growing up, and it's definitely nice to keep them for your own family.

Very Well Family says that two-year-olds will start to memorize parts of sentences in the books that they know well. Moms know that toddlers love hearing the same stories over and over again and that they find a lot of comfort in this, so this makes sense. If this is one of the things that your two-year-old is doing, there is no reason to worry because they are hitting their milestones.

7 Having Trouble Being Away From Their Mom And Dad


According to The Bump, two-year-olds might have trouble being away from their parents and they really don't like it. As the publication explains, "It's common for 2-year-olds to have a tough time separating from mom or dad. As hard as it is, gently but firmly show him his tears aren't going to change things. Keep goodbyes short and sweet, and reassure him you'll be back—and be specific with the details. For example, 'I’ll be back after your nap.'"

Good advice, right? Moms should know that even though it breaks their hearts to see their toddler acting like this, it counts as a milestone, and they're on track.

6 Seems Moody And Can Change How They Feel Really Quickly


Very Well Family says that toddlers can seem moody and like they feel a lot of emotions. Moms can definitely agree that this happens. It's just part of it, right?

If you notice this happening with your own little one, you might be frustrated since it's not that pleasant to parent a moody toddler, but you can also be assured that your toddler is meeting one of their milestones. They may not always know why they are feeling a certain feeling since they are so young, but that's where you come in, and at least their moods don't last very long.

5 Makes Block Towers


Does your toddler love block towers? Of course they do, right?

According to Child Mind, two-year-olds will hit the milestone of making block towers.

It's amazing how much fun toddlers have when making these. Moms have probably noticed that their toddlers can seriously be occupied for hours and hours making block towers. This is a huge developmental thing for toddlers since they can learn so much just by the seemingly innocent task of putting blocks on top of one another. They are using their hands and fingers, for one thing, plus they are thinking carefully and critically about spatial perception.

4 Can Get Around Without Falling Down All The Time


Raising Children mentions that when a kid turns two years old, moms will notice that they can get around without falling down. Sure, they will fall sometimes, but the majority of the time, that isn't happening.

It's amazing when a toddler does fall down because they are usually able to pick themselves back up, smile or laugh, and move on with their day. You expect them to cry or get upset since that was happening before but now they're getting older and they're honestly okay. That can be emotional for moms, too, but it's good to note that this is part of toddler development, and it's also a milestone that they are meeting.

3 Hand-Washing And Feeding Themselves Are No Big Deal


Two-year-olds can do a lot of things, such as feeding themselves and also washing their hands, as Raising Children says.

Moms can see that their toddler is meeting their milestones if they do these things. Toddlers really do love feeding themselves and it's great for them to be in control. They will most likely also enjoy washing their own hands. Just like we all love to feel in control of our lives and be independent and self-sufficient, well, that's exactly how toddlers feel as well. When we think about it, they love meeting their milestones as much as moms love to see this happening.

2 Uses Their Left Or Right Hand More Regularly Than The Other


Cdc.gov notes that moms will notice that their two-year-old is using one hand more than the other, either the right or the left. This is also a big milestone that moms can keep an eye out for as they observe their sweet toddler.

You could notice this when your toddler starts trying to put on their shoes, clothes, eat by themselves, or anything like that. This is really good since it shows that they are developing and that they're learning to be more independent from you. It will also show which hand they might end up using once they learn to write.

1 Listens To What Mom Asks Them To Do And Actually Does It

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What's another milestone that two-year-olds will most likely meet? Actually listening to what their mom is asking them to do... and then doing it, as Cdc.gov says.

Moms know that while toddlers love learning the word "no" and saying it all the time and every toddler seems to go through that phase, toddlers also like doing what they are told to do. They feel good when their parents are proud of them and see that they're doing well. Your toddler may be learning a lot about the world and how to behave, and they're most likely going to follow what you ask them to do, whether it's pick up that toy that just fell down from the top of the sofa... or give you a hug because you can't believe how fast they are growing up.

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