If Mom Is Doing 10 Of These 20 Things, She's Raising Her Kids Like A Millennial

We often hear that millennials are having kids later in life than other generations or aren't having them at all, but of course, some members of this generation want to start families. We probably know just as many couples who can't wait to have their first child as we know couples who are thinking about remaining child-free.

There are some things about parenthood that are always true no matter what generation a mom is from. Babies still cry and need to be fed. Sleep-training is still tough (and sleep deprivation is still the worst thing ever). Toddlers need to mind their manners and moms will always hope that they are doing the best that they can for their children... and will never feel like they're doing enough. This is why moms bond so much with one another. They go through the same experiences and can relate to each other, and that creates these connections. If any of us have had a baby and then realized that it was tough to relate to friends without kids, then we know that this is true.

While there are many things about motherhood that are universal, there are some ways to tell that a mom is a millennial. If mom is doing 10 of these 20 things, she's raising her kids like a millennial.

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20 Posting Photos


According to Popsugar, millennial moms are super big on technology, and that's something that we all know to be true.

If a mom is posting a lot of photos of her kid on social media, she's part of this generation.

We hear a lot of jokes about this but people really love opening up their social media accounts and seeing adorable photos of their relative or friend's baby. It's a nice way to feel like they're keeping in touch. A millennial mom feels good about sharing these sweet, cute pictures, and she wants to have fun while posting them, so she'll definitely add funny captions and do a great job.

19 #YesFilter


Pure Wow says that millennial mamas are always going to be interested in adding filters when they post something about their kids on social media. The publication says, "You think your child is absolutely gorgeous (and juuust a little more so with an Instagram filter applied). Or better yet, a tiny flower-crown filter on your Snapchat story."

Millennials moms have done this at least a few times... and once they start, they realize how much fun it is. Plus, there's the fact that kids love these filters, too, and might even ask for the dog filter on a regular basis.

18 Dr. Google


Common Sense Media says that if you're a mom who is a millennial, "Your pediatrician is Dr. Google."

How many times a day do you use Google to figure out if you have symptoms of something or to get some answers? It seems much easier and faster than calling the doctor's office or making an appointment to go to the doctor. That's just how millennials think. And if millennials are doing that with their own health, it makes sense that once they have children, they would do the same thing. Of course, as we all know, that doesn't always give us answers that we want or that are even correct.

17 Cool Names


Deciding on baby names can be a difficult thing. Some names might come to us in no time flat and we feel like our son or daughter could never have been called anything else, whereas our best friend could say that she and her partner struggled for months to settle on something. According to Cafe Mom, a mom is a millennial if she has come up with a really cool, interesting name:

"You've got a daughter named Jazzmynn (Jasmine) 'cause creative spelling counts almost as much as a unique name."

What can a millennial mama say? She's done with boring, old-school names.

16 Kids And Technology


While the debate about screen time rages on all of the time, there is another debate to think about, and that is whether kids need their own devices or can they just use their parents. No parent is going to come to the same conclusion and it's an individual thing for sure.

Cafe Mom says that children of millennials are into using lots of technology all the time and they have their own as well, whether it's an iPhone or an iPad.

If this mom doesn't mind buying her kids their own pieces of technology, she's raising her kids like a millennial.

15 Dinnertime


Giving kids a healthy dinner almost sounds like a plot for a horror movie. That's how stressful and tough it can be to get some kids to eat something that's not super kid friendly food like chicken fingers and fish sticks. And vegetables? Those are the toughest foods of all to get little ones to try.

Not for millennial moms, though. As Cafe Mom says, the kids of millennials moms are absolutely eating healthy food:

"Forget about hiding broccoli in mac-n-cheese, your kids are not only familiar with healthy foods like sushi and hummus, they eat them regularly. No sneaky tricks necessary."

If her children are happily digging into healthy food, then she's a millennial mother.

14 Home Sweet Home


Is she still living with her parents (even if she has a baby)? If she can say yes, then she's a millennial because, according to Babble, many millennials are living at home: "Because according to a newly-released study from the Pew Research Center, for the “first time in the modern era,” 18- to 34-year olds are more likely to live with their parents than with a spouse or partner."

Many of us would say that the ideal situation is to have a partner and raise a family while living in our own apartment, condo, or house. We don't exactly want to live with our parents when we're starting our own family. But this is necessary sometimes because we can't afford a house, rent is too high, and so on.

13 Sorry, Suburbs


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage... and for millennial parents, then comes a move to the suburbs because house prices are super high in the city?

Not so. According to Working Mother, millennials don't want to move to the suburbs. As the publication says, "Millennials believe that parenthood and urban living are not mutually exclusive, and are less willing to give up easy access to restaurants, shops and bars. A Nielsen study shows that 62 percent of Millennials prefer living near the amenities associated with urban centers." If a mom wants to stay in the city, then she's raising her kids like a millennial.

12 No Big Deal


Screen time has become a hot topic in the parenting world. How much is okay? How much is way, way too much? Is there even a good answer? It seems like every parent has their own ideas about this and that no one would ever agree.

Millennial moms don't care about too much screen time and aren't concerned, according to Working Mother.

If she thinks that it's fine if her kid watches another episode of their favorite show or is cool with them looking at an iPad for a little while longer, she's definitely raising her kid like a millennial.

11 Social Butterflies


Baby Chick says that millennial moms are big fans of playdates, too, and that a millennial mama is going to want to hang out for the duration so she can talk and visit with the other mom.

This is a great idea when we think about it. It can be hard to schedule social time as a mom (no matter what age she is) because, of course, she's a mom. And that means that she's got a packed schedule all of the time and that feeling of busyness never goes away. So this is not only something that means that she's raising her kids like a millennial but it's a really smart idea, too.

10 Becoming Interested And Informed


Romper says that of all the ways that a millennial mom can be identified, she's often someone who cares about the issues of her time, and she wants her children to know about them, too.

As this mom wrote for the publication, "Being a millennial mom, to me, means making sure my children are aware (to an extent, of course) of things happening around us and how we can use our voices to create change if we don't like the results."

There are many issues that millennials care about more than other generations, such as conservation and the environment, and if a millennial has kids, she's going to make sure that her kids know what's going on.

9 Feelings About Pinterest


How does a millennial mom feel about Pinterest? While some might think that it's an amazing source of ideas and it's a cool way to get inspired to try some DIY activities, others find it to be a lot to deal with.

Cosmpolitan says that you're a millennial mom if you find Pinterest to be stressful.

The problem is that when you look up something -- say, how to decorate your kitchen or clean up your bathroom -- you feel like you can't possibly be that perfect, and it becomes too much to think about. And, honestly, perfection is overrated. It's okay to be more chill than that.

8 Budget For Baby


Hello Giggles says that millennial moms will do a lot better if they can budget and only pay for necessary stuff (and they consider that to be paying rent, buying food, etc.).

If she's budgeting and not spending her money on things that she can't exactly afford, that definitely makes her a millennial mom. A big reason why some millennial couples are saying that they don't think that they're going to become parents is not being certain that they can afford to have a kid. We all know that kids need stuff and stuff costs money. It's really as simple as that.

7 Alone Time


Did our moms ever take any time to themselves? We might not remember but chances are, we can say that they didn't really talk about it.

Today, self-care is something that we all talk about and, well, care a lot about. It's also something that millennial moms care about. According to Popsugar""Me time" is a hot commodity for this new generation of moms. In fact, 20 percent of millennial moms say they'd pay $150 a month to have someone help manage their busy lives and tackle the to-do list items they'd rather not do."

She's a millennial mom if she agrees with that statement.

6 Dads Have A New Role


While the role of a mother has changed a lot in the past few decades, since more and more women are working outside of the home and taking on different responsibilities, the role of the father has changed a lot, too. And this is absolutely awesome.

Working Mother says that millennial moms assume that their partners and the father of their children will help out more than other dads from previous generations.

She's raising her kids like a millennial if she would never even dream of doing everything on her own and if she wants her marriage/relationship and parenting journey to be more equal.

5 Working Mother


A mom is also raising her kids like a millennial if she has a job (either part-time or full-time or works from home).

As this mom wrote on Romper, "It's something that fulfills me in ways other things can't. I'm not saying I'm amazing at "doing it all" all the time, because it's hard to balance. But I think the kids benefit from me having something outside of them (and I agree)."

It's definitely true that this generation is having more honest conversations about a woman's role in the home and we think that it's a good thing to get out there and work.

4 Selfie Time


Pure Wow puts it perfectly: "Your 3-year-old totally understands the concept of a selfie."

Some millennials love the selfie and others aren't the biggest fans but it's safe to say that more millennials are into selfies than other generations. It has become a part of their daily lives and it's what they see on social media. It makes sense, then, that once millennials become parents, they see their own kids taking selfies of themselves and loving it. No matter how we might feel about selfies in general, we can probably admit that a kid taking a selfie is pretty adorable.

3 Later, Kids


Did she have kids after the age of 30 or 35? Did she want to go to college and then graduate school and then figure out what she really wanted to do as a career before even thinking about children? If a mom can say yes, then she's raising her kids like a millennial. Working Mother says,

"The Urban Institute found that Millennial women are the slowest to have kids of any generation in U.S. history."

As we know, this is different from previous generations where couples would get married out of high school or college and have kids right away.

2 Texting Machine


Millennial moms mostly text each other more than anything else, according to Baby Chick, and this couldn't possibly be more correct.

If she's texting her friends, family members, other moms to set up playdates, or anyone else, that definitely means that she's raising her kids like a millennial. She probably can't even imagine not texting and it has become such a part of her.

She probably also finds it a bit surreal to be texting about babies and playdates when texting was how she used to set up first dates or chat with her best friend about a TV show.

She loves her new identity as a mom but she's going to keep being herself, too, and that means texting.

1 All Digital


Baby books are something that our parents' generation were very much into. We can probably remember our mom showing it to us at one point or another.

As Buzzfeed puts it, "Your social media accounts are your kid's baby book." Isn't this so true?!

Would a millennial mom ever buy a paper baby book? Probably not. She would assume that it wouldn't make sense because she's just going to post everything on social media anyway. And that makes more sense than a baby book since then the people that she knows can see the baby photos too and they can see them instantly. With millennial moms, it's all digital.

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