If Mom Does 10 of These 20 Things She’s Raising Her Kids Like A Kardashian

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but they're some of the most famous parents on the planet. Any mom with that much attention on them at all times is bound to influence others -- just ask the thousands of mommy bloggers and influencers out there. There are moms out there who are bound to be drawn to at least one parenting style of the many Kardashian siblings.

Whether it's Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie, or brother Rob, moms notice a few similarities in the parenting department. Kim, for example, doesn't let her kids sleep in her bed because she believes in looser parenting attachment. Kourtney, on the other hand, loves having her kiddos sleep with her. And to all the millennial moms out there, we have Kylie painting her own path of influence at 21-years old.

Granted, living such a public life is bound to have some feedback from the public. We won't say that the Kardashians are perfect parents, but then again, who is? All moms and dads make mistakes. What matters is how they bounce back and improve. In this article, we'll explore the many parenting styles of the Kardashian clan, and maybe, just maybe, you'll find a connection.

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20 Make The Child An Instagram Star

The Kardashian empire keeps getting bigger and bigger. A new generation is growing up right before our eyes, and you better believe they're going to be as famous (if not more so) than their parents. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, and Rob made the choice to live public lives on social media and TV, which includes raising their children in the same spotlight. The many children of these celebrity sisters have all made their social media debut. Some would say their future Instagram accounts are going to have even more followers. The only Kardashian-clan member who isn't a parent yet is Kendall Jenner.

19 They Eat Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic

via: Kardashian Heart

Kourtney started the gluten-free and dairy-free trend in her household. As the eldest, she was the first member of her family to give birth to an adorable boy named Mason. Soon after, she adopted an organic, vegan, and gluten-free lifestyle for all her children, including Penelope and Reign. "Switching my children and me over to gluten- and dairy-free has definitely been an adjustment," she wrote in her personal blog.

"Finding foods to replace what we were so used to eating was really easy in some areas and really hard in others."

She swears by gluten-free cupcakes and churros on special occasions.

18 Dress The Baby In Designer Clothes

Via: people.com

You better believe the Kardashian/Jenner babies are dressing the part! New-mom Kylie recently flaunted Stormi's $30,000 shoe closet on Snapchat, leaving many with their jaws on the floor. "Stormi can finally fit into some of her sneakers," she said in a Snapchat video. "So, I'm about to see if she likes shoes. Too cute."

Kylie then panned across the room to reveal Nike and Yeezy sneakers of many colors and styles.

In the collection are $1,300 Giuseppe Zanottis, $370 Gucci flats, and $100 Nikes. Remember, these are shoes Stormi will only be able to fit into for a few months.

17 Create Drama Before The Birth

It wouldn't be a true Kardashian birth without speculating headlines. The latest drama surrounded Khloe before welcoming daughter True with basketball player Tristan Thompson. There was no way we could ignore the hundreds of articles circulating online about his outings to the club -- mere weeks before Khloe was supposed to give birth.

A video surfaced online of Tristan with two women at a club.. Needless to say, this drama is the last thing Khloe needed before birth. A pregnant woman should never experience high levels of stress and anxiety.

16 Stand Up To Parent-Judgers

Living a public life means endless opportunities for scrutiny. The most recent mom-shamers went after Kim for allowing daughter North to wear a two-piece bikini.

"That swimsuit is a bit inappropriate for a little girl in my opinion!" one person wrote.

"You should not post pictures of your children on social media, you should protect them or at least keep them in child-appropriate clothing. Babies should not be in bikinis! It's sick," another claimed.

Sorry, but we don't see the big deal here. Haters will be haters no matter what you do. Kim is probably used to this kind of backlash and handled it like a champ by keeping her cool and ignoring the comments.

15 Support Womens' Rights

Via: The Cut

In a 2017 episode of Keeping Up The Kardashians, Kim raises the question of, "What is all this Planned Parenthood talk where people want to protest for Planned Parenthood? I want to have an opinion on this, but I just don't know enough. I do like to speak up on social media about topics that mean something to me, and I want to be more informed."

To gather for info on the matter, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe stop by Planned Parenthood for an in-person experience with the staff and women who've been helped by their services. It was truly a touching moment when the Kardashian sisters educated themselves on such an important and buzzy topic.

14 Take A Mom-Daughter Spa Day


Kendall once said that Kris Jenner made her and Kylie get weekly manicures. "You are never going to look like you're not put together," the momager used to say, "So we were always getting them done.”

For Kylie especially, that habit stuck around into adulthood, and now that she's a parent, she's passing the same tradition onto Stormi.

I get them done once a week, which isn't normal," she admitted. Kim also frequently books mommy-daughter trips to the spa with North. Apparently, in the Kardashian household, you're never too young to have your first manicure, pedicure, massage, acupuncture appointment, and facial.

13 Save The Planet One Plastic Cup At A Time

Via: today.com

What would we do without Snapchat? In a video tour of Kourtney's pantry, Khloe noted at her older sister only uses glass containers for food and drinks -- absolutely no plastic in the kitchen!

Kourtney believes that toxins from plastic containers can get transferred into food, which is a well-founded belief.

Kim, on the other hand, doesn't share the same belief and was blasted by Cazzie David for keeping so many plastic containers in her fridge. "Have your family stop using water bottles," she wrote to Kim in response to a statistic about the world's rising pollution and trash. If we all had plastic-free pantries like Kourtney, maybe the world would be a greener place.

12 Stay Away From Microwaves

Surprise, surprise, Kourtney has yet another non-negotiable rule in her kitchen -- absolutely no microwaves. "She doesn't believe in microwaves," said Khloe, "but the toaster oven, she says, is solid."

If Kourtney is worried about the toxins in plastic, it's no wonder she's against the rays inside a microwave that heat the food up. “One kitchen appliance I never use is a microwave,” she wrote on her app and website. “If anything needs to be heated up, I prefer to use the oven, stovetop or toaster oven instead.”

Maybe we should all be a little more skeptical about the way our food is prepared.

11 Hire Multiple Babysitters And Care-Givers

Via: bustle.com

Kylie once said she never wanted to hire help or a babysitter. Granted, that was before Stormi was born and reality set in. As one of the busiest celebrities in young Hollywood, Kylie has an endless list of project and work duties, from her TV show to her makeup line (and rumored skincare line to be released in the future). We can't blame her for succumbing to help of friends, family, and babysitters.

"With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she's been a really, really great mom," an insider revealed. "She's incredibly doting and hands-on as a mom. She's always been very maternal."

10 Get Pregnant Around The Same Time As A Sibling

For a whopping nine months, the world was wondering if Kylie really was pregnant. She didn't confirm the news until Stormi's arrival. Along with her big announcement came photos and videos of her journey, which just so happened to occur on a similar timeline as Khloe's pregnancy. The half-sisters gave birth only months apart and enjoyed the stages of pregnancy together. Kim joked that daughter Chicago was "the new girl in town" only a few weeks before Stormi, and that Stormi would only be "the new girl in town" for 2/3 months before True's arrival. Stormi, True, and Chicago were all born around the same time.

9 Stay Up-To-Date On Baby Gadgets And Trends

Who is the most in-touch Kardashian when it comes to baby trends and gadgets? It's Kylie. When asked about which sister Kim turned to for parenting tips and advice, she mentioned Kylie's extensive knowledge of mommy apps, tools, and appliances.

We can't say we're surprised considering Kylie's a millennial mom.

Many millennials are naturally up-to-date in the technology world since much of their entertainment revolves around phones, computers, and TVs. Millennials are said to be one of the most tech-savvy generations. Not to mention, Kylie had a handful of assistants who are always on the prowl for the latest gadget to make parenting easier.

8 Take A Stance On Attachment Parenting

Via: today.com

Out of all the sisters, Kim and Kourtney have the most different parenting styles. They don't see eye-to-eye on Attachment Parenting. Kim has admitted in past interviews that she's strict about nap time and having her kids sleep in separate beds. Kourtney, on the other hand, frequently has Mason, Reign, and Penelope in her bed. In fact, they spent so much time in her bed during her 10-year relationship with Scott Disick that he started to feel like second fiddle.

One of their biggest repeated arguments was about a lack of privacy from sharing their bedroom.

7 Sell Baby Photos For Millions Of Dollars

They say a picture is worth one thousand words, but it's also worth one million dollars. Media outlets are willing to pay through the roof for that exclusive first picture of celebrity babies. In Kim and Kanye's case, they were reportedly offered over two million dollars for the first picture of their son Saint. Tabloids say the married couple turned down all offers for all three children.

When North was born, Kim revealed the first photos on Kris' talk show, so they've been consistent in turning away from the money -- but is that the case for all the Kardashian siblings? We can't say for sure.

6 Give The Baby A Unique Name

Via: sohh.com

Hollywood is buzzing with crazy unique baby names. But long before names like Bronx and Pilot became the norm, Kris did the smart thing by building a brand (and family) around the letter K. All of her children, with the exception of Rob who was named after his late father, have names that start with K.

The tradition didn't carry on into the new generation, but that's not the say the names have gotten any less creative. Now we have Stormi, Reign, Mason, Penelope, True, Dream, Chicago, North, and Saint. Rumor has it that Scott wants a fourth child with Kourtney. We can't wait to see what names come up in the future!

5 Teach The Kids To Pose For Paparazzi

Believe it or not, when the name Kim Kardashian first started to blow up, she had no idea how to handle the paparazzi.

She'd smile, wave, and make conversation until Kris enforced a new set of guidelines. These days, reporters would give an arm and a leg to get two words out of Kim and her family. It looks like North is also taking a few hints from her mom on how to act around photographers. North loves flashing a bright smile and being sweet in front of the paparazzi -- for now, at least. Maybe Kim will ask her to change her ways as she gets older.

4 Host Elaborate Parties For Special Occasions

Via: people.com

Boy, we'd love to be a fly on the wall at the Kardashian parties. Each soiree seems more entertaining and elaborate than the next. At Kylie's baby shower, for example, her team decorated an entire wall with pink roses and had all the guests dress in silk pajamas.

There was enough food and drink to feed an entire village. The Kardashians always send out a holiday card and throw the craziest bashes for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and any other holiday or special occasion you can think of. We'd be lying if we said we weren't insanely jealous watching these parties take off on social media.

3 Plan A Pregnancy Photoshoot

Via: people.com

If pregnancy truly is the greatest time in a woman's life, then why not document it? The only Kardashian to not plan a pregnancy photoshoot is Kylie, who shockingly decided to keep her baby bump a complete secret until Stormi's delivery. Even when Blac Chyna carried Rob's baby she posed for the cover of Paper magazine wearing literally nothing except a crown as she cradled her bump. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe also planned pregnancy photoshoots with some of the best photographers in the game. Kris actually has most of their pictures (including her own) hanging in the hallway of her house.

2 Juggle Social Events And Quality Baby Time

Via: tmz.com

Imagine the schedule of a Kardashian. Thanks to Kim's book Selfish, we don't have to imagine anymore because it's all laid out for us. The mother-of-three wrote that her days begin at 6am. The first thing she does is kiss Kanye good morning and then heads to North's room. She works out at 8, takes a nice bath at 9, gets ready for filming at 10, comes home for dinner at 7 in the evening, and gets ready for bed at 11. A hectic schedule like that leaves very little room for bonding time with her husband and children.

But hey, working moms are excellent multi-taskers.

1 Hit The Gym Shortly After Birth

There's a reason Khloe is the host and face of a fitness television show. In case you've been out of the loop, it's a show about individuals who want to make positive life changes by eating healthily and working out. Khloe will be the first to admit that she recalls feeling like the odd one out in her family.

And while she may have insecurities (pretty sure all women do), we think she looks great! The Kardashians take their workouts very seriously.

Here's a quick breakdown of the moves Khloe does at the gym: jumping jacks, deadlifts, push ups, supermans, and bicep curls.

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