If Mom Does 10 Of These 20 Things She Might Be Too Emotional

Being a mom is definitely an emotional experience. Any mom will agree that once she learns that she's expecting a baby, she already tears up whenever she thinks about the family that she's about to start. She knows that there are many milestones in store for her little one, from starting preschool and kindergarten to learning to do things on their own. She assumes that she's going to cry during those times, but how much she does totally depends on whether she's a highly emotional person or just a little bit.

There's such a thing as being too emotional, though. If moms are being described that way, it can be agreed upon that it doesn't always make life easier. In fact, it makes things a lot harder, and it would be nice if these intense feelings didn't come on quite so often. Moms might wish that they could tone things down a bit, but that's not always that easy. It's definitely a good idea to try to be calmer on a regular basis since otherwise, moms are just going to get too stressed out, and that's not good.

If a mom does 10 of these 20 things, it's possible that she's too emotional. Some among us might recognize ourselves in some of these mom moments.

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20 She Cries As Much As The Kids On The First Day Of School


In a story on Babble, a mom talked about how she wouldn't describe herself as an emotional mother, and that she observed other mamas crying when they drove their kids to school and said goodbye to them there.

We all know that some kids are going to cry on the first day of school. It can be a lot, particularly if they're really young. They're getting used to a new environment and schedule.

But if a mom can say that yes, she definitely cried as much as her kids did on the first day of school, then she might be too emotional. Sure, it's totally normal to shed a few tears, but it's good to see this as a healthy, normal milestone for your kid to reach.

19 Actually, She Cries Every Day


On that note, if a mom is crying every single day and feels pretty sad on a regular basis, she might be too emotional. We know that every day brings new things to deal with, but she should be able to handle the ups and downs of motherhood without feeling like she can't stop crying.

More than that, this might be a sign that she should talk to someone because she might be experiencing some negative feelings about herself or this might be a sign of a bigger problem. Talking to someone can be a really positive thing since we all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time.

18 She Finds Her Daily Schedule Too Much To Handle

Scary Mommy

Psychologies UK wrote about the five different kinds of mothers, and mentioned that one kind of mom can be, "Anxious, angry, excessively emotional." The site continued that "her parenting style is based purely on mood."

If a mom feels this way and is pretty moody on a daily basis, then it's possible that she finds her schedule to be too much to handle. And it's very possible that she's too emotional.

We can all agree on how this could make things tough and it won't do mom or kid very good. Even when life gets busy and we have too many things on our plate, we have to show that we're staying calm.

17 She Always Thinks Something Is Wrong With Her Kid


Here's another question that a mom can answer: does she always think that something is wrong with her kid? If she does, then she might be too emotional.

Psychologies UK continued about the same type of mother, "She creates problems, issues and crises in her mind, through her emotions and relationships, and passes them on to her children."

While it's understandable that moms want to fix things that are going on with their kids, always feeling like something is wrong or always seeing a problem isn't the best way to go. It's definitely better to create a calm environment and assume that whatever comes up can be solved, and a mom can deal with those things when they happen.

16 She Worries About Her Children 24/7

Baby Center

Does this mom worry about her children all the time? When she can answer yes to that question, it seems natural to assume that she might be too emotional.

As this mom wrote on Motherly"I worry about my children’s happiness. Am I doing enough on a daily basis to make sure they feel excited, happy and loved? Are they having fun? Are they learning? Are they getting what they need? I worry about the health and safety of my children."

This is something that every mom can relate to and yet we can see how this would be tough to deal with on a daily basis. Of course a mom's job is to look after her children and we know that moms worry, but moms have to take care of themselves, too, and know that they're doing so much for their kids. There's no reason to worry.

15 She Worries About Her Partner 24/7,  Too


The same mom continued in her piece for Motherly that she thinks about her husband, too: "I worry about my husband’s happiness. I want him to be happy. When he’s in one, I want to magically fix his bad mood."

It's also easy to understand why a mom would worry about her partner all the time. When we fall in love with someone, we care about them so much and want them to be with us all the time, and it can be a lot of different emotions. When we start a family with that person, it gets even more emotional for sure. But we can probably all agree that we can trust that our partner is content and that things are good.

14 She Has Trouble Sleeping


This mom also mentioned in her Motherly article that she has trouble sleeping sometimes.

We could also say that if a mom has trouble sleeping, either every night or every once in a while, that could be another sign that she's too emotional. It can be hard to stop thinking about things that are on your mind and when you're in a particularly busy period, turning your mind off and just relaxing enough to go to sleep can feel like a super tall order.

But rest is super important and not thinking about things so much and trusting that things are going to be okay is a key component of being able to sleep soundly.

13 She Doesn't Feel Like She Should Feel This Way


Do you ever feel like you should be like other moms you see or interact with who seem perfect or never have anything go wrong?

Answering yes to this question could be a sign that you're too emotional, or that you worry too much about what other people think of you as a mother. You might also start thinking about how you shouldn't feel this way, and that can make you feel even worse.

A Mother Far From Home put it perfectly when she wrote, "In short, when we have no emotional reserve – no margin – there is no room for anything to go wrong. One cup of spilled juice gives us a headache. One child whining will cause us to yell. A slight traffic jam will send us into a blind rage. Not because we’re crazy, but because we have no margin to process frustration."

12 She Falls Into The Comparison Trap With Other Moms

The Bump

The Bump mentioned moms who might compete with one another, which is definitely something that every mom can relate to. Everyone has experienced competition at one point or another.

Moms will fall into the comparison trap with other moms and think that they should do things the way that they do might also feel pretty emotional on a daily basis. And that might mean that they should find some ways to deal with their emotions or feel more peaceful.

Your mom friends might always have more than you, whether it's money or help or free time, but doing the best that you can is always the best thing that you can do.

11 She Feels Like She's Not Getting It Right


Do you feel like you're not getting it right when it comes to motherhood? Every mom has absolutely had that thought run across her mind at least once (more like 100 times, really) and there are a lot of things to know about motherhood.

As The Bump says about the experience of being a new mama: "Are you a failure? No! You’re a new mom with a new baby you’ve never met before, so it’s going to take some time before you get this whole mommy gig right. Think of your mistakes more like bumps along the road."

The thing is that if you feel this way beyond the period of being a new mom, you might be too emotional.

10 She's A New Mom


As Parents magazine writes, there are many emotions that a new mom will experience.

Every new mom is emotional and it's totally normal. It seems like every new mom would answer yes to this question, and there's no reason to worry about this at all.

When you become a mom, you have to know and think about so many different things. Suddenly, it's a whole new way of living. You're up all night feeding, you're learning all that you can about milestones and development, and you can't help but feel super emotional. It's only logical that you have so many feelings. It's a really big change.

9 She Just Went Back To Work And Feels Bad About It

Working Mother

Any mom who has returned to work after having a baby is definitely going to feel emotional. She would even call herself this since she knows that she's going through a lot and feeling pretty up and down. One moment, she knows that this was the right decision, and the next, she's questioning whether she should stay home with her children.

In this case, it's totally fine to feel these feelings, but knowing that you should do what brings you joy is going to be important. You should remember that what's good for you is good for your children, too, and you're an amazing mom even if you do go back to work.

8 She's A Solo Mother


It's possible that a solo mom might feel like she's very emotional most of the time. In a story for Scary Mommy, a solo mom said that the most difficult thing for her is "the emotional battles and realizations that I’ve had to face."

We can all imagine that it's hard to go it alone and that even parenting along with a partner can be really hard. Feeling like it's all you can be a lot to handle.

7 She Doesn't Feel Like She Can Talk To Her Partner About Her Feelings


We all feel better when we can talk to someone about something that is on our minds. It's really tough to keep things inside.

A mom who says that she doesn't feel she can tell her partner how she's feeling is going to feel emotional for sure.

If she can figure out why she doesn't feel like she can share -- maybe she thinks that they'll worry too much or she feels like she should be "perfect" -- it's a good idea to forget those worries and talk to her partner.

6 She's Still Trying To Adjust To Motherhood


A mom who feels like she's still adjusting to motherhood might also be too emotional, but this is truly nothing to feel bad about.

Everyone is on their own timeline and their own journey, and we all adjust to things at different speeds. Some people adjust to motherhood right away and others need a bit more time. It's all good.

Whether her kid is nine months old or five years old doesn't matter because it's fair for her to still feel like it's a lot to deal with. The important thing is that she doesn't feel like her emotions are in charge (instead of her being in charge of her emotions).

5 She's Really Far Away From Family


When you have kids, it's a beautiful experience that you want to share with your family. You can't wait for Christmas celebrations with your parents and siblings (and their own children if they have them) and you know that there are going to be so many great times ahead.

What if your family doesn't live near you and you can't see them as much as you wish that you could? If a mom doesn't have family nearby, that could be one reason why she's too emotional. Family can be such a big help and can be there for you, and they can take care of your kids when you need a short break.

4 She's Having A Hard Time Letting Go/ Letting Her Kids Grow Up


Moms always talk about how "it goes so fast" and before you know it, your children are waving goodbye as they move into their college dorms.

Every mom wants to savor the beautiful times of childhood, but moms know that it's natural and inevitable that children grow up and that we help them along that road.

If a mom is emotional about her kids growing up and seems to be really upset about this, though, that's another sign that she's too emotional in general. She's having a hard time letting go and wishes that they would stay little forever. It's totally understandable, but accepting that kids grow up is part of the journey of motherhood.

3 She's Tired All The Time


Moms are tired. That's just the way that it is, right? If we could describe motherhood with one word, we want to say "beautiful" or "wonderful" but what comes to mind would definitely be "tired." There are even countless objects and mugs that say the same thing, so we're pretty sure that every mother feels this way.

When a mom is tired all the time, she's going to feel things much more strongly than if she had gotten a good night's rest or felt like she had some breaks during her busy days. If she can say yes to being really exhausted, then chances are, she's feeling very emotional as well.

2 She Feels She's Not Doing Enough All The Time


If moms compared daily schedules, they might have some subtle differences since everyone has kids who are different ages, who are signed up for various activities, and so on. But many moms can agree that they have very packed days that are filled with all kinds of things that just have to get done.

Moms who feel like they're never doing enough and that there is just so much on their plates all the time might find that they're feeling a lot of emotions all the time. They would not only say yes to feeling emotional but they would even describe themselves this way. It's a tough situation since of course moms have to take care of their kids and do a lot, but if there's any way to get a bit of help, that can do so much.

1 She Never Slows Down Or Does Any Self-Care


The final question that a mom can answer if she wants to know if she might be too emotional is if she does absolutely nothing for self-care.

While no mom is going to be able to take a full day off and take some bubble baths while drinking a fancy latte and watching a romantic comedy, we can all agree that taking care of yourself throughout the day is crucial.

If we don't slow down, we're just going to feel exhausted and we won't be able to have fun with our kids or appreciate our beautiful families. At the end of the day, being emotional is part of being a mother, but there comes a point when it's important to take care of ourselves and learn to smile and kick back a bit more.

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