If Dad Is Doing 10 Of These 20 Things, Mom Can Take A Day Off

Moms don't exactly get any days off. Whether a mom is sick with a bad cold, exhausted, stressed out, or just dealing with a super full schedule, she's always on mom duty. It's a 24/7 kind of thing. Any mom will say that even when she and her husband or partner have date night or she goes out for an hour to visit friends or family, she's still thinking about her kids, and wondering if they need her.

Thankfully, our culture has become more expectant of men becoming equal partners at home in general and also when it comes to parenting. More and more dads are taking on cooking and cleaning and helping out, and any mom will agree that this is basically the best thing ever. Raising babies and children should definitely be a team effort.

When moms start thinking, "I could really use a day off" they immediately feel guilty. Mom guilt is a real thing and everyone can relate to this. Even if you know that you'll benefit from taking a day to yourself and that it's part of self-care, you still wonder if you should be there for your kids, and you feel bad.

There are some ways that dad can step up and mom can take a little bit of time to herself. If dad is doing 10 of these 20 things, that means that mom can take a day off.

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20 The Never-Ending Laundry

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What mom wouldn't love for someone else to take over the laundry... even if just for one day?! Who knew that a family could produce so many dirty clothes?

Any mom will agree that the amount of laundry that she has to do in a week (or even in a day) is pretty crazy. It just piles up and feels never-ending.

If dad is going to help out so mom can take a day off, she would definitely love for him to do the laundry. This would be really great and would allow her to feel like at least one task was checked off her to-do list.

19 Cooking Delicious And Healthy Dinners


If dad can take over in the kitchen as well, making a healthy and delicious dinner (because we all know that combo is what moms dream of), then that would be a big factor in allowing mom to take the day off.

Whether your kids eat vegetables (yes, even super green ones) without a fuss or any comments or they need some prodding to eat a healthy dinner, you know that dinner won't make itself. That would be awesome, but it's just not the reality. When your husband or partner can step in, that is a huge help, and you'll really appreciate it.

18 Some Meal Prep, Too


Mom can also take the day off if dad can do some meal prep. As you know, meal prep is a super time-consuming thing. Sure, you read all over that it shouldn't take that much time and people have all kinds of hacks for only taking one hour on a Sunday and getting tons of food ready to go for the week... but come on.

You're a mom and you're busy and you know the truth: it can be super tough to make food ahead of time (or even some components of meals).

You'll love your husband and the father of your children forever (although hopefully you already do) if he does some meal prep and helps out this way, too.

17 Driving The Kids To Games And Activities

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Of the things that a dad can do to help mom out, driving the kids to their (many) games and activities is one of them for sure. If this is one of the 10 things that a dad is doing, a mom can absolutely take a day off.

This would allow a mom to take a few hours off and indulge in self-care like watching a movie or taking a long bath (what?! No quick shower?!) or reading a book, or visiting friends or family.

Plus, as a bonus, the kids will definitely love having their dad drive them around, and they can bond and have that super special time together.

16 Taking The Kids To The Park For A Few Hours


This is another thing that dad can do to help mom today: take the kids to the park.

Is anything better than going to the park as a kid?! You probably have really happy memories of this activity. Maybe you had a local park so this was a regular thing, or maybe it was a bit further away so it happened a little less regularly. Either way, you made happy memories there, and it was always thrilling to get to go. Let dad have the super fun experience of taking the kids to the park and playing with them and seeing the joy on their little faces.

15 Making Lunches And Helping With Homework If The Kids Are School-Aged


Whether you've worked out an amazing system and are super efficient when it comes to making lunches for your kids -- like maybe making some of the components the night before or even on a Sunday -- or you're more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants person, you know that school lunches are a big deal.

Chances are, making lunches is a big part of your mom routine. So is helping with homework.

When dad can take over these two duties for the day, it's a huge help, and it also allows you to take the day off. It might feel strange at first since you're so used to doing these things, but it's okay to take a break, and it's going to be really nice.

14 Taking The Kids To Doctors Appointments


If you've ever thought "I'd love to take a few hours to myself today... but of course I can't... and there's that doctor's appointment later" then this is definitely something that dad can do for the day.

A doctor's appointment is a pretty big production. You have to get the kids out of the house, bring snacks and toys so they have something to do while waiting because who knows how long it could be, and then you have to get to the doctor's office (and home again). There could be traffic and it could take several hours. It's a huge help when dad can step in for today.

13 There For The Morning Routine


It's also a big help if dad can help with the morning routine. Every mom knows that mornings are a pretty crazy time. You're rushing around so much and if your kids are school-aged, you're trying to get them ready.

You have to get them changed, give them breakfast, brush their teeth, brush their hair, and so much more.

There is so much negotiation and talking going on during this time, of course, and you always wish that you had even five more minutes to get everything done. Mom can definitely sleep in if her partner and father of her children is helping out with this task.

12 Cuddling


Dad will never pass up the opportunity to cuddle with his little ones. Of all the things that dad can do to help mom out for the day, this ranks up there because cuddling and showing love and affection are such an important part of parenting.

Sure, practical things like feeding kids and babies and cleaning the house and hosting playdates matter, too. But cuddling is what makes the whole parenting thing so worth it. At the end of the day, when you're so tired but still have so much more to do, you know that cuddling with your kids for even a few minutes fills you with so much love. It's just the best thing ever.

11 Showing The Kids How To Play A New Game Or Use a New Toy


When your kids get a new toy or are in the process of learning how to play a new game, they're laser-focused. Well, kind of... They also ask for cookies and maybe ask to play a few other different games throughout the afternoon. But that's okay since it's all so cute.

Dad can show the kids how to play a new game or use a new toy, and he'll have fun with his munchkins while we can take the day off.

The kids will love spending this time with him, and we can rest. The best part? They can show us how to play tomorrow.

10 Gets Up Early So Mom Can Sleep In


What?! Sleeping in?! This isn't exactly something that moms get to do often... okay, ever.

That's why if dad is getting up early to take care of the children and mom can sleep in, it's one of the 10 things that he can do to allow her to take the day off. When you're tired, you definitely want nothing more than to sleep in, but you know that's not reality when you're a mom and have little ones to take care of. Take advantage of this awesome gift and don't feel guilty at all. You deserve to get some extra sleep and it's going to be really good for you.

9 Cleaning The House


Cleaning the house is another thing that a dad can do to help his partner out. If our partner and the father of our children is in charge of picking up all the little odds and ends that accumulate everywhere, as well as doing a deep clean of the bathrooms and the kitchen, we'll not only be grateful and impressed... but we can also take the day off.

Just like the laundry, we know that cleaning is something that never ends. Our house will never really be 100 percent clean. But that's okay. We just want to get it to a state that's a tiny bit cleaner (you know, so we can clean again tomorrow).

8 Stays Home With A Sick Child


It's tough when your kid is sick. You just want them to feel better ASAP and feel like you would do absolutely anything within your power to make that true.

Dads can take over for the day and take care of your sick kid, from making soup and doling out ice cream and tissues and finding a fun TV show or movie to watch.

Of course, you'll still check in periodically because you're still going to worry about your little one who is under the weather, and you're not going to forget about that. But you can go for a walk or read a book or go grab coffee with a friend because your partner is taking care of you (no mom guilt allowed here).

7 Takes The Kids On An Adventure So Mom Can Have Some Me Time


There is nothing that kids love more than going on an adventure... except maybe going on an adventure with their dad. There is truly nothing more special and beautiful than this.

The cool thing is that when dads take their kids to a cafe, out to get breakfast or lunch, or even shopping, it can feel like a really exciting moment. Dads make things fun, and we love them for that.

Let your husband or partner take the kids somewhere fun today, and you can take the day off. They're going to love it so much, and you'll enjoy getting some relaxation in.

6 Extra Housework That Needs To Be Done ASAP


Sometimes there is some extra work that needs to be done around the house, and it's enough to make an already tired mom yawn even more. Maybe you have visitors or family members coming to stay soon, or it's almost a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas so you need to prep some food in advance.

Whatever is going on, it kind of makes you want to curl under the covers and take a nap... so why not do just that?! Dad can take over these duties for the day, along with taking care of the kids, and you can rest a little bit.

5 Hosting Playdates


Playdates are really amazing both for the kids and the parents. The kids get to learn some social skills and have a great time playing with others, and parents get to rest easy knowing that their children are getting in some social interaction.

Hosting a playdate is a pretty involved thing: you have to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs, make sure there are snacks, figure out some activities, and so on.

If dad is hosting a playdate, then mom can definitely rest and relax... while still thinking about how the playdate is going, of course. That's just what a mom does.

4 Working From Home Or Part-Time


Everyone has a different work situation. Some dads work full-time and others work part-time in an office. Others work full-time but are able to do their job from home.

If dad can take care of the kids today because he works from home or it's his day off, then that's amazing, and that can allow mom to take the day off.

He can be there for them to play, feed them, kiss any boo-boos, and generally be on dad duty. The cool part is that the kids will love it because, of course, they love their dad. So there's nothing to worry or feel guilty about at all.

3 Doing Everything To Take Care Of The Baby That Day


Feeding with a bottle, diaper changes, baths, and lots of love: these are things that dad can do throughout the day so mom can take the day off.

Having a baby is a beautiful and tiring experience. It's interesting how something can be both of those things at once. Any mom knows that she's never off mom duty and that it's a 24/7 job and she absolutely loves it. But every once in a while, she's just really exhausted and she would love a few hours to herself. She can for sure allow her husband to have a special day where he can extra bond with the baby, and it's going to be great for everyone.

2 Helping Out At The Kids' School And Being A Field Trip Chaperone


Being a field trip chaperone or helping out at your kids' school is both an enjoyable thing to do and also really stressful. You want to do a great job and you also want to meet the other parents and see how your kid is doing at school. But at the same time, you're nervous about the whole thing because, again, you want to do well.

It's cool when your partner says that he wants to give this a shot and he wants you to take the day off while he's on dad duty. You don't have to feel any guilt for missing the school visit or field trip because you can remember that you've been to so many and you'll hear all about it later on. Plus, your children will love having their dad there.

1 Ready For Anything Unexpected That Comes Up


The final thing that a dad could do to allow mom to take the day off is dealing with any of those unexpected things that parents have to deal with throughout the day.

These are often the things that derail our schedule and stress us out and worry us. This could be a phone call from school when we immediately start worrying but our kid is totally fine -- they just forgot their backpack, or they have a little bit of a sniffle, or something minor like that.

If dad can take on 10 of these 20 parenting duties, you can for sure take the day to yourself (again, while thinking about your sweet little ones the entire time).

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